Parent Participation Points (P.P.P)

In order for the Club to run efficiently and smoothly and to meet the needs of the community, the Club relies on volunteer contribution from its members. The PPP system is designed to communicate tofamilies the expected volunteer requirements. The PPP system requires that each swimmer’s family or guardian(s) earns points through the year by volunteering for various positions and roles in the Club. The number of points that must be earned in the year is determined based on the swimmer’s level at the beginning of the year (see table below). If a family or guardian has more than one swimmer in the Club, they are only required to earn the points assigned to the highest level swimmer. It is not necessary to earn pointsfor each swimmer. The number of points required does not change through the year even if the swimmer moves to a higher level. 

Volunteer opportunities within the Club are assigned a nominal point value. A list of volunteer opportunities and their assigned value may be found on the Club’s website ( along with regular updates of each family’s earned PPPs. To encourage families to volunteer at the Club, each point is assigned a value of $40. If families fail to earn all the points required in the year, the difference between the number of points required and actual points earned multiplied by $40 must be paid to the Club. For example, if the family or guardian of a RD1 swimmer earns 8 points compared to the required 10 points, they must pay $80 (2 times $40). The Club requires each family to provide post-dated cheques equivalent in value to their assigned PPP dollar value at the time of registration.  

Please refer to the Parent Info Page for up-to-date Job PPP Values