About the Richmond Rapids

The Richmond Rapids are a year-round swim club in Richmond, BC. We offer programs for age group swimmers of all abilities, from entry-level swim lessons to national and international development.


Minoru Pool: 5:30-6:15pm on Oct 28, Nov 25, Dec 16, Jan 27, Feb 24, Mar 30
Watermania Pool: 4:00-5:00pm Oct 29, Nov 26, Jan 28, Feb 5. 

1. Drop in for one of the assessments listed above for a free assessment for your swimmer.
2. Bring a
chequebook  with you. Your swimmer will need a well-fitting suit and goggles.
3. Read through registration information package. (Posted in Joining the Club section)
4. Once the assessment is completed, fill registration
forms provided and provide registration payments. 
5. Begin swimming with the Richmond Rapids and have fun!

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Latest News

Club Kick Test Results - Nov 2019

As a strong kicking foundation is important to overall swimming competency and skill, the club will be regularly monitoring kicking speed through a best-average...

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Gator LMR Recap

By Darryl Rudolf Last weekend, over 70 swimmers from RD Blue, AGD, Youth Comp, and Senior Provincial competed at the Gators/SFU LMR over two...

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VPSC Fall Invite Recap

By Alex Pettifer Swimmers from AGD3, PAG, and NAG all competed at the VPSC Fall Invitational at UBC Oct. 26-27. This was the first...

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Pass Meet Report

By Darryl Rudolf Last Saturday, we hosted our first Pass meet of the year, which included over 40 swimmers racing for the first time...

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By Darryl Rudolf Last weekend, the Rapids had over 60 swimmers from the Senior Provincial, RD Blue, Youth Comp A, Youth Comp B, and...

By Drew McClure

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