Swim BC Age Group Championships Re-cap - Winter 2019

Drew McClure
Mar 4, 2019

Swim BC Age Group Championships Re-cap, by Vlad Volchkov

This past weekend 35 Rapids athletes from the AGD, RD, PAG, NAG, and Senior Provincial groups competed at the Winter Age Group Championships in Vancouver. CDSC and Swim BC hosted the provincial level swim meet, previously known as the Tier I Championships. The length of the meet was exhausting, but our Rapids swimmers raced their hearts out from day one.

            On the individual results side, Joshua Wall from PAG stood out with four medals. Wall earned the bronze in the 100m breaststroke, 200m butterfly, and 200m IM and won the 200m breaststroke event. David Maibaum was in the top-8 spot six times, before finally earning a silver medal in the 200m butterfly on the third day. Maibaum also broke the club record in the butterfly event that has stood for over ten years and was set by Jack Hong in the 2008 Provincial SC Championships.

            We had several new competitors at the provincial level. A lot of these swimmers qualified not too long ago at the LMR Championships in Richmond, and it was great to see them rise to the occasion and race fast at a higher tier meet.  Tai Stroud, Charles Chen, Joaquin Villasenor, Grace Cui, and Mia Goula were impressive in their racing intensity and finished the meet with 100% best times. Cindy Du and Sophia Raffai, from AGD 2, had a great showing in the 100m butterfly, placing fourth and sixth respectively. Not bad for their first provincial meet.

            Some of our more experienced athletes reached higher provincial standards. River He, Madeleine Leung, and Chengqui Yang from the PAG squad achieved a Tier II Provincial cut for the first time. Leung and He got it in the 200m butterfly, and Yang got his in the 200m backstroke. Thomas Chen of NAG also got his Tier IIs for the first time in the 200 and 100m backstroke events.

            In the team events, the Rapids walked away with two silver medals. The girls 11&U medley team, composed of Rebecca Dong, Elaine Song, Cindy Du, and Sophia Raffai, and the girls 11&U freestyle team, composed of Angie Pham, Sophia Raffai, Cindy Du, and Elaine Song, did a great job racing themselves into second place.

             As our 13&U aged athletes rest up from a long weekend and prepare to enter the long course season, our older swimmers are getting ready to travel to Kamloops to race in the Swim BC Provincial Championships March 7th-10th

            A complete list of all the individual top-8 finishers from the Richmond Rapids.

  • Daniel Du NAG - 200m butterfly(7th)
  • River He PAG - 100m breaststroke(5th) 200m breaststroke(8th) 100m butterfly(6th) 200m butterfly(6th) 400 IM(8th)
  • David Maibaum PAG – 100m backstroke(7th) 200m breaststroke(7th) 100m butterfly(5th) 200m butterfly(2nd) 200m IM(7th) 400m IM(4th)
  • Joshua Wall PAG – 100m freestyle(5th) 100m breaststroke (3rd) 200m breaststroke (1st) 200m butterfly(3rd) 200m IM(3rd) 400m IM(4th)
  • Cindy Du AGD 2 – 100m butterfly(4th)
  • Madeleine Leung PAG – 100m butterfly(5th) 200m butterfly(4th) 400m IM(6th)
  • Sophia Raffai AGD 2 – 100m butterfly(6th)
  • Elaine Song PAG – 100m backstroke(8th) 200m backstroke(7th)