Gator LMR Recap

Drew McClure

By Darryl Rudolf

Last weekend, over 70 swimmers from RD Blue, AGD, Youth Comp, and Senior Provincial competed at the Gators/SFU LMR over two days. Everyone swam fantastic with lots of best times and many first time events and races!  

There were 11 swimmers racing in their first LMR Meet: Grace Wang, Sophia Chen, Logan Kuo, Heidi Ekk, Joshua Fang, Selena Xu, Stephanie Ng, Matthew Liu, Lillian Zang, Ivan Hu, and Theodore Pak. They all did an amazing job, racing hard over the two days.

We also had 7 swimmers race to 100% best times! Congrats to Angela Feng, Rebecca Dong, Tonia Jiang, Ty Jiang Alfred Ma, Matthew Joe, and Benjamin Shen

13 swimmers raced to one or more new BC Age Group Champs standard: Iris Chen (2), Alicia Cheng, Rebecca Dong (3), Coco Xie (2), Mattew Yim , Yiguo Song, Joshua Fan (2), Jeffrey Guan (3), Alfred Ma (2), Yan Madorsky (3), Angie Pham (3), Daymon Wijayakoon (2), and Heath Lim-Sanderson. 6 swimmers raced to their first LMR Championship standard: Matty Remple, Tonia Jiang, Stephanie Ng, Theodore Pak, Mathia Wong, and Selena Xu.

It was a great weekend of racing for all the Rapids swimmers.