Top 7 Gifts For Swimmers

Drew McClure

The following article was written by Andrea Phillpotts, a writer, teacher, and Rapids parent.

With the winter holiday season upon us, Rapids families may be thinking about last-minute gifts for their swimmers.  Here are 7 suggestions to get you started that won’t break the bank or create unwanted waste.

1) New Gear – Goggles snap or leak over time, bags mildew, and towels fray.  This might be a good time to check out your child’s swim gear and see that it’s in good shape.  Remember that Rapids families have a 2020 Shark Card that provides a discount at the Team Aquatic Supplies shop both at Watermania and online.

2) Frozen Water – Why not get your swimmer to spend some time on top of water instead of in it with a visit to Minoru’s Winter Wonderland Skate Experience? The ice arena is decorated with lights, snow, and holiday trees until January 5th and skates and helmets are available to rent.  Admission is a fraction of the cost of other holiday events and there’s even seasonal music.

3) Experience Coupons - The holidays are a great time to reboot and rest.  How about creating a handful of coupons that kids can “cash in” at their discretion?  On the top of the list for my teen would be a “sleep in as late as I want to” coupon but how about a “five-minute shoulder rub” or an “extra hour past my bedtime” coupon?

4)  Slides - One swimming standard has become the trendiest staple in teen fashion outside of the pool – slides! Fashionable plastic slide-on footwear has become something to wear not only after drippy swim practices but in the mall as well.  Basic or designer slides can easily be found in sports shops or online.

5) Special Meals – Once winter break starts, there may be more time in the evening to enjoy sit down family meals.  Maybe over the holidays, your child can learn how to make a special family recipe or “treat” friends with a restaurant gift certificate.  

6) Skin Care – With the winter weather comes extra dry skin which can wreak havoc with adolescents.  There are many sustainable skincare lines out there that can moisturize chlorine exposed skin and acne.  Team Aquatic also has paraben-free products designed specifically for swimmers.

7)  Time with Family – Gifts may come and go but memories last forever.  Time spent with your child is the most valuable gift of all.  Think about walks on the dyke, time at the movie, bowling, or just hanging out together at home.  The best thing about this gift is that it benefits everyone.

Enjoy your time with family over the next few weeks and rest up for another great year.  Happy Holidays!