Big Numbers from the Rapids at Hyack Icebreaker

Drew McClure

By Alex Pettifer

In the first meet after the winter break, the AGD2, AGD3, PAG, Sr. Pro, NAG, and National swimmers threw down for some great results. Here are a few highlights by our athletes:

First meet ever: Lucy Casson, Wesley Li, Daniel Luk, Makena Ritchie, Claire Ursich
100% Best Times: Jenna Zhang, Lucy Casson, Heidi Ekk, Angela Feng, Daniel Jin, Daniel Luk, David Maibaum, Makena Ritchie, Jerry Tao, Rachel Walker, Grace Wang, Daymon Wijayakoon, Coco Xie, Matthew Yim.
New LMR Champs Qualifiers: Heidi Ekk, Rachel Walker, Lucy Casson, Makena Ritchie, Alex Li, Wesley Li
New Age Group Championship Qualifiers: Clement Ho, Tristan Sasan, Angela Feng, Andrew Dong, Grace Cui
Overall, the Rapids earned 25 new provincial times from 19 different swimmers, with a grand total of 98 top-8 finishes. 
Strong work to start out a new decade. Congrats to all the Rapids swimmers, and thank you to the parents for the continued support!