PSW Fall Invite Report

Drew McClure
Oct 16, 2018

2018 PSW Fall Invitational - By Morgan Mark

This weekend, the Richmond Rapids made a splash at the PSW Fall Invitational. Participating groups included RD Blue, RD Black, PAG, NAG, SPP and NAT. Over three sessions, 72 Rapids swimmers competed in 100m free, 100m breast, 100m back, 100m fly, 200m free, 200m IM and 50m free.

In the women’s 100m free, National girls Amanda McCallum, Janine Low, and Lily Douglas took second, fifth and ninth in the 15 & over category. Men’s 100 free included a 6.53 second drop to place Gary Du in eighth in the 10&U category, a 2.30 second drop by Will MacDougall, finishing fourth for 13-14 year olds, and Matthew Meuleman, Matthew Crawford, and Ethan Chan placed third, seventh, and eighth respectively for the 15-and-overs.

The Rapid’s girls 100m breaststroke had several top finishes as well, with a fifth-place finish by Avery Ritchie in the 10&U category, a first-place finish by Sarah Crawford in the 13-14 year old category, and a first and second place sweep by Amanda McCallum and Christina Tan in the 15 & over category.  In the same event, the boys held their own, with Gary Du placing seventh for 10&U, Will MacDougall and William Li placing fourth and 13th, and Kevin Li placing fourth, Matthew Crawford placing seventh, Matthew Meuleman 10th, and Tony Sun 12th for the 15-and-overs.

The women’s 100m back included a 10 second drop by Erica Low, a 1.98 second improvement and 6th place finish by Sarah Crawford, and Amanda McCallum placing first overall. In the men’s event, David Maibaum placed eight in the 11-12-year-old category with a time of 1:15.60, Will MacDougall placed fifth for 13-14 year olds, Matthew Crawford placed second overall with a best time, and Ethan Chan placed sixth.

After the short break came the 200m free. Avery Ritchie placed ninth in the 10 & U category, Sarah Crawford placed 12th with a 3.64 second drop, and Amanda McCallum placed second overall. For the boys, Gary Du dropped 14.99 seconds to come eighth. William Li fought for an eighth place finish, improving by 3.41 seconds and snagging a bell-ringer prize. Matthew Meuleman, Ethan Chan, and Matthew Crawford took first, fourth and fifth places in their age category.

Finishing up a long day one was the 100m fly. Sarah Crawford swam a best time to place eighth, while Amanda McCallum and Lily Douglas took second and fourth places. Gary Du and Will MacDougall just snagged best times, placing fifth and seventh. The senior boys, Crawford, Chan & Meuleman placed fifth, sixth and seventh, with Ethan swimming his first Best Time of the weekend.

Sunday morning began with the 200m individual medley. Sarah Crawford went another best time to finish fourth. Amanda McCallum, Lily Douglas, and Angela Zhuo placed first, fourth, and ninth. Angela did so in a best time finish. For the boy’s IM, MacDougall, Bryan Zhou, and Mingjun He all went best times to place third, fifth, and 10th for the 13-14 year olds.

Rounding out the meet with a strong fifth-place finish, Avery Ritchie swam her 50 free in a 34.80. Sarah Crawford swam herself to sixth with a best time of 29.26. Together, Janine Low, Amanda McCallum and Angela Zhuo took second, third and sixth in the 15-and-over category. Gary Du placed 6th with a 36.23. Zhou, MacDougall, and He placed fifth, sixth, and 11th, all going best times. Meuleman finished fifth, matching his previous best time. Kevin Li finished seventh with a 25.75.

MVPs for the meet:

  • Standout Performances: Avery Richie (55 points) and Gary Du (76 points). Both placed under 12th place or better in all the events they swam.
  • Top Scorers Overall: Amanda McCallum (127 points) and Will McDougall (100 points)
  • 100% Best Times: Gary Du, Sarah Crawford, Ken Stroud, James Kwaksistala, and Kingston Stone
    • Honourable mention to Merina Lau, Claire Yang, Joseph Yeh, and Bryan Zhou for 100% best times while swimming in session 3 only
  • Most Improvement: Winston Stone, dropping a total -38.69 seconds throughout the 3 sessions

More photos: