ROW Meet Expectations & Protocols


  1. Meets, Meet Sign-up, & Meet Entries:
  • Meet RSVP – You will be expected to RSVP to all swim meets throughout the swim season, you will receive a link via email that will take you to the RSVP page. Please be aware that if you do not explicitly DECLINE the meet, your swimmer will be entered in the meet regardless. There are fees associated with going to meets so if you do not plan on attending please decline the meet so you and your swimmer do not get charged for it. To RSVP to meets please go to our “Meets/ Events” page on our website ( ), find the meets your group is attending and use the following instructions:
  1. Click the Attend/ Decline button
  2. Log into your Team Unify account
  3. You will arrive at the Athlete Sign Up page, here you will need to select your swimmers name under the “Member Name” section
  4. This will take you to the Declaration page where you will use the dropdown menu to accept or decline the meet. There is a notes section so if you can only attend 1 day please write it in the comment box so I know when your swimmer is available for racing.
  • Meet Entries – Coaches decide what events will be swum at the meets. If athletes want to race certain events they will need to talk their coaches themselves; it allows the swimmers to take responsibility for their swimming. Notes on meet entries:
    1. Coaches will submit preliminary entries and then send them out to families so you have the chance to double check that your RSVP information is correct.
    2. Coaches will give a deadline for any changes that might need to be made.
    3. If you do not get back to coaches by the entry deadline they will be unable to make changes.
  • Meet List – Our meet list for our competitive groups and our novice groups can be found on our website here:


  1. General Meet Information:
  • Warm-Up Times:

i.Arrive 20-30 minutes prior to your scheduled meet warm-up.

ii.This time is used to go over logistics and specifics of the competition as well as run through an activation routine prior to warm-up

  • Swim Meet Apparel:Please pack ROW gear to wear on deck, it is very important to pack warm clothing for the athletes to wear while on deck at the meet to make sure the kids keep their body temperature warm. How warm an athlete remains can affect how well they race. Ideal clothing to pack for every swim meet:
  1. long sleeve shirt
  2. t-shirt
  3. pants
  4. shorts
  5. deck shoes
  6. 2 caps and 2 pairs of goggles
  • Swim Meet Snacks: Aiming to pack healthier snack options are ideal as fuel plays a role in swim meet performances. Snacks we recommend:
    • Fruits & veggies
    • Granola or protein bars
    • Trail mix
    • Cheese and crackers
    • Sandwiches
    • Hydration: It is imperative that athletes remain hydrated during the competitions. Pack lots of water, some electrolyte drinks are also okay

***If you don’t have ROW clothing yet (clothing orders are being taken later this month) please pack black/ blue clothing to wear until your new clothing arrives.***

  • Commitment to Swim Meets:
    • When you commit to attending swim meets, you are committing to being at the meet for the entire session (from warm up through all races), heats and finals if required.
    • Committing to swim meets means committing to relays as well. If your swimmer is placed on a relay the expectation is that they stay and participate in that relay.
    • If there is a particular reason you will not be able to attend one of the sessions please contact coaches in advance, or during the RSVP process. Coaches should not be finding out the day of the meet that your swimmer will be leaving early due to other commitments.