For the 2019-2020 season we have partnered with Sportslink for our team apparel.  

How to order:

All orders will be placed through an online store which will be open during 2 discrete periods during the season. The first at the start of the season, and the second mid-season around January/February. A message will be sent to all members with details of sizing days and ordering windows ahead of each period. All orders will be processed after the online store closes. Delivery of your items will be made by volunteers at the pool during practice times. Details of delivery will be communicated to all members once the items have been received.

What to order:


In order to foster a sense of team unity, every swimmer is required to wear ROW apparel at swim meets. What apparel you choose, is up to you and your swimmer. You do not need to purchase all of the items that are being offered.

**Please note that this is for team apparel only. Items such as swimsuits, racing suits, and training equipment will not be offered in the online store. These items will need to be sourced through Team Aquatics or other sports retailers. Please visit your group page for more information about the requirements specified by your coach.