Montreal Meet Recap

ROW Communications
Dec 7, 2018

Montreal Meet Recap   

The Montreal meet proved to be very successful for ROW swimmers.

Top honours goes to Alex Rus, 14, racing in multiple events in both heats and finals, qualifying in 5 provincial events. The excitement of the junior and senior swimmers cheering loudly for Alex on the last night, to win gold in the 200 fly, 2:17.71, was a great display of team spirit.

Matthew Berton, 15, also had a successful meet, qualifying in multiple provincial events, while Kaitlyn Kuiper performed 100% best times and breaking :30 for 50 free. Avery Routhier while racing in the afternoon session swam all best times.

Izzy Aylsworth finished 1stin the 100 breast, 2ndin the 200 IM, 100 free and 3rdin the 200 free and 50 free. Allison Newell raced to a 2ndplace finish in 200 free.

Greg Hayward performed mainly best times throughout the weekend and was considered our top performing younger boy at the meet.

Mayha has been dealing with an ankle injury for quite some time and yet still persevered to race well at the meet, dropping 4 seconds in her 50 free.

The 15 and over girls all rose to the challenge of the 4x100 free relay, racing strong and collectively pulling everything together to finish top 8 in a very difficult category. Congrats to Alexis Hollohan, Jessica Reibel, Erin Dawdy and Amy Hayward.

Both AJ and I were very impressed with the team showing great leadership by initiating their activation routines, cheering their teammates on and comradery while off the deck.

Our chaperone team of Connie Hayworth, Miranda Hill, Tammy Mayne and Shannon Newell were phenomenal. They worked tireless throughout the whole weekend adopting the whole team as their own children. A big thank you for volunteering for this weekend “getaway.”

Great job to the whole team, swimmers and chaperones!


Cathy Pardy

Head Coach

ROW Swimming