2018-2019 Season Wrap Up Message

Cathy Pardy

Hello Row Families,

The 2018/2019 swim season is now complete. I hope you are all enjoying the well-deserved summer break from the busy swim calendar.

During this past season, the coaches observed ROW’s full program, restructuring the club in a more fluid direction of swimmers’ performance goals. Whether it be just swimming for the love of swimming or wanting to achieve the highest of standards, we have designed an all-encompassing program working to the utmost potential of every swimmer in their development, commitment and direction in the sport. Our new competitive groups have been named after various Olympic cities:

Athens – 8x/week

Rio – 7x/week

Seoul – 7x/week

Montreal - 6x/week

LA – 5x/week

Beijing – 4x/week

Paris – 4x/week

Barcelona – 3x/week

Sydney – 3x/week

London – 2x/week

Stars – 1x/week – ROW swim school


Taking every athlete into account, some swimmers may be separated from ‘friends’ or siblings. These group placements are intended to allow every swimmer to develop and grow to their personal potential, while keeping like minded athletes together and performing at a similar level of competition.


Our Registration window has been opened on the website and available for parents to complete their registration for the upcoming 2019/2020 season. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Carly.


Congratulations to Matty P as he nears the completion of his Coaching Level 2 Certification. AJ is also working this summer on completing the necessary tasks to finalize his Level 2 this upcoming season. Kaitlyn is busy wrapping up summer swim team and as for myself, I’m finalizing training and preparation for one of the WLU swimmers, Tyson MacDonald who will be competing at Para Pan Ams in Lima, Peru.


Some of you are aware WLU is closing for maintenance, beginning August 19 for 4-6 weeks. Both AJ and I have been working on a start up schedule at different pools and we will be posting that schedule soon on the website. We understand with new times to train, some families will have difficulty coordinating schedules. Please be patient, it is just short term until WLU reopens.


Enjoy the balance of your summer and return safely,


Cathy Pardy

Head Coach