Message from ROW's Head Coach

ROW Communications

Dear ROW Members:


Like many of you, I am working from home, with multiple video calls and sitting in front of a computer screen most of the day. I encourage you to take breaks from the screen, get up and stretch, listen to some fun music, be creative etc. Personally, I move from the computer screen, phone and sewing machine. My sister and I have sewn over 1000 button headbands, donating them to frontline workers to attach their face masks and protect behind their ears.

Some of my calls have been with Swimming Canada, Swim Ontario, WLU and multiple coaches across the country. We are all working hard to prepare a plan for our return when we are permitted to resume activity together.

Through the talks, there have been multiple inquiries to ensure the safe return of all our members, how many people can enter a changeroom, the number of swimmers per lane, when to begin training/racing, etc.

The Board of Directors of ROW and I continue to assess our return to play strategies to ensure the safety of all our members and coaches. As we work on next year’s schedule and budget, we encourage each of you to touch base with your coach to confirm your intention to return once we are back up and running.

Sometimes we get thrown off course in the pursuit of excellence. Like road construction, we sometimes have to take a detour to arrive at our destination. This can be frustrating and annoying in the process; however, we must stay the course.

Once again it is an Olympic year and preparation has already begun for our swimmers who have qualified or those who are still pursuing qualifications to race at trials. We have developing swimmers continuing their individual journeys to qualify for regionals and provincials.

It is going to be another exciting season for ROW, we look forward to having you all a part of our success story.



Cathy Pardy

Head Coach

ROW Swim Club