Volunteer with ROW

Now that the 2017-18 season has officially started we'd like to ask you to consider some volunteer positions immediately available.  These include: 

1.  Group Member Parents for each swim group TOP to Elite.  A group parent is assigned for each swim group and is responsible for organizing team events throughout the season and to be a resource for information specific to the group with respect to club policy, information from the Board, etc and will work with the Board where needed. 

2. Row Raffle Coordinator.  We are looking for someone to help coordinate the ROW Raffle this year (along with a board member for guidance).  This will involve printing and distributing tickets, obtaining raffle prizes and other related tasks.

3. Fundraising Lead.  We are also looking for someone to help lead a committee for a club fundraising effort including idea creation, communication and process.  This person will work closely with a Board member to obtain approvals and for other help required. 

4.  Board Member.  The Board of Directors sets and administers the Club's strategic plan, acts as an oversight role, and where needed assists the coaching staff in operations of the club.  The Board meets once per month however committee tasks and other work takes place throughout the year.  ROW is looking for one or two additional Board members (in particular a parent to represent the younger swimmers TOP through Silver) or who are interested in helping lead a fundraising effort for the club. 

With exception of the Board positions, which must be approved by the President and voted in, these opportunities will be filled on a first-come, first serve basis.  Please email volunteer@rowswimming.ca if you are interested.  

We appreciate everyone's help in making this a great year for our swimmers and club!

ROW Board of Directors