Since its inception in 1977, the Region of Waterloo Swim Club has had an impressive roster of exceptional swimmers – those who stand out making national swim teams, setting Canadian records, and of course hitting the highest mark in all sport – the Olympics.

Here at ROW, we have had 11 swimmers participate in the Olympics and 1 Paralympian. They all have spent countless hours in our pool at Wilfrid Laurier University and trained with some of the best coaches this sport has to offer including Cliff Barry, Bud McAllister, Dean Boles and Hans Wittola.

As an organization we are very proud of our swimmers and we want to share their accomplishments with you.

The talent pool is deep and it’s this talent that put ROW in the spotlight, winning the club of the year by Swim Canada, the sport’s national governing body. ROW was also chosen as the national swim centre in 1998.

ROW’s reputation reaches international circles too. In 1997, the club welcomed guest swimmer Isabel Ceballos, 18, of Columbia. The teen heard about ROW while at the world championships and came to the club and trained for six months before returning home.

The following is a list of our ROW Olympians and Paralympians with profiles on their swimming careers. 

1976 Montreal – Jim Hett

1976 Montreal – Dave Heinbuch

1980 Moscow – Kevin Auger

1984 Los Angeles; 1988 Seoul, South Korea – Victor Davis

1984 Los Angeles – Mike West

1996 Atlanta; 2000 Sydney – Laura Nicholls

2000 Sydney – Jennifer Button

2000 Sydney; 2004 Athens – Takashi Yamamoto

2000 Sydney; 2004 Athens; 2008 Beijing – Jessica Tuomela

2004 Athens – Jennifer Fratesi

2004 Athens; 2008 Beijing – Keith Beavers

2016 Rio - Alec Elliot