Provincial Development 2

Provincial Development 2 swimmers are primarily 11-12 years old focusing on stroke technique proficiency, starts & turns, and racing strategy. Swimmers practice 6 times per week from September to June with the goal of competing at the Provincial level.

Coach: AJ

ROW Equipment List: Here

Not sure where you fit? Email [email protected] to book an assessment and join today!

2022-2023 Regular Swim and Dryland Schedule:

Note: Drylands begin the week of September 26, 2022

PD 2 Monday Tuesday Wednesday  Thursday Friday  Saturday  Sunday



    6:00-7:30 WLU    

6:00-8:00 WLU

8:00-8:30 dryland




6:00-7:30 WLU

5:00-5:30 dryland

5:30-7:00 WLU


5:00-5:30 dryland

5:30-7:00 WLU

4:30-6:00 WLU    


WLU = Wilfrid Laurier University

RC = Waterloo Recreation Centre

CH = Cameron Heights

EL = Elmira

**Please Note: The Rec Centre will not be available until the week of October 25th**