Sydney swimmers are 10& over years old with the emphasis being placed on stroke development, endurance and exposure to the sport of swimming. Swimmers will be introduced to all four strokes as well as learning competitive skills. Swimmers practice 3 times per week with the goal of preparing for a move into the Paris/ LA groups and participating in local level meets.

Coach: Kaitlyn Mains

ROW Equipment List: Here

Swimmers should have the following for the first practice: Black bathing suit, goggles, cap, kickboard & fins

Not sure where you fit? Email [email protected] to book an assessment and join today!

Swim Season 2022-2023, Regular Schedule:

Sydney Monday Tuesday Wednesday  Thursday Friday  Saturday  Sunday
AM   6:00-7:30 RC          
PM     8:00-9:00 CH   8:00-9:00 CH    


WLU = Wilfrid Laurier University

RC = Waterloo Recreation Centre

CH = Cameron Heights

EL = Elmira