Club Information

The Regina Marlins is a competitive and recreational speed swimming club associated with the Regina YMCA. It is encouraged that members of the Marlins be registered at the YMCA.The money paid to the YMCA provides a significant discount to our pool rentals, which means your child's swim fees can be kept low. To find out what services are included in a YMCA membership, please speak with a staff member at the front desk

Association with the YMCA implies adherence to the philosophy and ideals of the national organization; that is the growth of an individual's spirit, mind and body, and a sense of responsibility to each other and to the human community.

The objective of the club is to provide an opportunity for swimmers progressing from other swim programs to obtain professional instruction and experience in the sport of speed swimming. The club endeavors to provide an opportunity for swimmers to achieve a level of performance consistent with the swimmer's goals, subject to the resources available to the club and the competitive and program philosophies of the YMCA.

Competitive swimmers will have the opportunity to attend swim meets sponsored by various swim clubs within and, on occasion, outside the province. Swimmers must be 7 years or older to compete in a sanctioned meet. Certain meets are classed as "developmental" and all competitive swimmers may compete. Others may be "invitational" and the swimmer needs to have a specific swim time to qualify to attend.

Club Philosophy

Children who learn to love sport and to live active lives through participation in sport will develop healthy bodies and healthy lifestyles.

Every athlete should have the opportunity to strive for and achieve as much success as she or he chooses in an environment that promotes self-esteem and develops self-confidence. There is minimal risk of injury if training schedules are reasonable and conducted under the guidance of trained and caring coaches.

How is this philosophy accomplished?

Group Placement: Swimmers are placed in a swim group based on the swimmer's age, leadership skills, maturity, physical development, needs and swimming ability. A swimmer will only change groups after the coach, parents and athlete have discussed the pros and cons of changing.

Approximate practice hours are:

  • Developmental and Non Competitive 0.5-3 hours/ week
  • White Group 4 hours/week
  • Blue Group 6 hrs/week
  • Red Group 8 hrs/week
  • Senior Group 12+ hrs/week


Because every athlete grows at a different rate, matures differently, swims a different speed and is completely unique, it is important for training to reflect these differences. The coaching staff will strive to see that each athlete's training is as individualized as possible within a large group.