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If you have any fundraising ideas we welcome them and would be happy to assist.



Each swimmer’s family is responsible for a certain amount of volunteer participation towards the management and fair functioning of our club. Below, please find the number of participation points each level of swimmer is required to collect; if you do not reach your target number of points, you will be assessed a monetary amount for the unattained points, where each point equals one dollar. Please note that participation points are allotted by family, not by swimmer. If a family has more than one swimmer in the club, the participation points for the highest level swimmer are used:

  • Maintenance/Participation (i.e. “Bluefin”) level: 100 pts
  • NovaTech Level 1: 100 pts
  • NovaTech Level 2: 150 pts
  • Age Group Levels: 250 pts
  • Maintenance: TBD

Participation Point Values for Volunteering Activities:

  • Organizing a fundraiser (e.g. bottle drive, Avon, cookie dough etc.): 50 pts
  • Participating in a fundraiser: 25 pts
  • Organizing the annual auction: 100 pts
  • Working the day of the auction: 25 pts
  • Attending official club meeting meetings: 25 pts/parent in attendance
  • Volunteering for a swim meet hosted by SBSC: 50 pts per 4-hr period (documented: e.g. set-  up, marshalling, hospitality room, canteen, etc.)
  • Officiating at a swim meet: 50 pts/session (or 4-hr period)
  • Attending an official’s clinic (any level): 25 pts