There has been competitive swimming on the North Shore since the formation of the Hollyburn Country Team Swim Team in 1966.  Shortly after the construction of the pool at the North Vancouver Recreation Centre in 1966, the North Vancouver Recreation Centre Team was formed.  These two teams merged in 1975 to become Lions Gate Swim Team.

Lions Gate Swim Team enjoyed many achievements.  In 1975, Tom Reeves set a Canadian record in the Boys 11/12 100 Meter Breaststroke.  This record was subsequently held by Greg Lohin from 1977 until 1982 when it was finally bettered.  In the 1977 Summer Western National, Lions Gate Swim Team placed third in the point standings, bringing home many medals.

In 1976, Mount Seymour Swim Team was formed and brought many talented swimmers to the amalgamation with Lions Gate to form Chena Swim Team in 1980.

The three founding teams have contributed many excellent swimmers to Chena and all have benefited from the training, discipline and competition that comes from being part of Chena.


As a member in good standing of Swim BC and in the interest of all members: The mission of Chena Swim Club is to provide a competitive swimming program that develops the character and discipline necessary to succeed in swimming and in life. We will achieve this through a development structure that allows swimmers from novice to elite levels to reach their highest potential in an enjoyable and positive environment.


1.     Ensuring Chena meets the rules and regulations of the Societies Act and Swim BC.

2.     Fostering communication with all stakeholders.

3.     Providing professional coaching for all club programs.

4.     Providing equipment and training facilities to meet the needs of Swimmers in all clu programs.

5.     Providing all Swimmers meaningful opportunities to compete.

6.    Creating an environment that promotes good sportsmanship, integrity, team spirit, dedication and a healthy active lifestyle.

7.    Building self confidence and pride through goal setting, hard work and personal and team accomplishment.

Our mission will be delivered in an ethically and fiscally responsible manner to ensure long term sustainability of the organization .


The purpose fo CHENA is to provide the opportunity for young athletes to strive for excellence in competitive swimming.  The by-product of this is that it teaches our athletes things such as honesty, integrity, sportsmanship, confidence, goal setting, problem solving, dedication and commitment to name a few.  This is done through the pursuit of personal and team excellence and through the spirit of cooperation among members.


The goal of CHENA is to win; to win at every level of our program including the international stage.  We will continually aim to create a unique and special program that rewards and supports special and unique accomplishments.  However, the toughest competitor we will ever face is ourselves and it is our winning attitude that helps each and everyone achieve their maximum capability.