Saskatoon Goldfins Swim Club

As pools reopen and the Goldfins have a plan operate safely during the pandemic.

To see how we have returned to swim safely, please visit our Return to Swim 2020-2021 tab.



COVID-19 Saskatoon Junior Goldfins Return to Swimming Safely Plan


The health and safety of all our members and coaches remain the Goldfins Swim Club’s top priority.  We have taken precautionary measures throughout our program in order to provide a safe and healthy environment for all.  The Club will be observing the following safe return practices:

  • Swimmers and coaching staff will complete COVID-19 screening (health questionnaire) on a daily basis to ensure all members are in good health prior to attending training.  Swimmers and coaches are required to stay home, if they are unwell or symptomatic.
  • Swimmers will be encouraged to perform hand hygiene prior to entering the pool. 
  • Swimmers will NOT have access to shared equipment.  Swimmers will have to purchase their own equipment i.e. cap, goggle, kickboard, fins
  • Swimmers and coaches will wear masks until they enter the water for their training session.
  • Swimmers' training formations will be designed to promote physical distancing,  
  • To encourage social distancing and to avoid congregation in the lobby area for both Shaw Centre and HBAC, we highly recommend that parents to send their swimmers in 5 minutes prior to the start of the lesson. Swimmers must have their COIVD questionnaire signed and ready to swim in their bathing suit. Then, proceed directly to the pool deck following directions from the coaching staff and posted signage. 
  • Lockers will not be available.  Please bring your belongings onto the pool deck.
  • Lesson class/training group sizes will be restricted to follow the Saskatchewan Health Authority recommendations for indoor activities/gatherings.
  • Please limit the number of people that accompany swimmers to one.  Currently, there is NO viewing area for spectators on the pool deck at this time.
  • All lessons will be taught at a distance by qualified coaches to allow swimmers and coaching staff to maintain a physical distance from others.
  • Swimmers will leave their program through the designated exit points. Swimmers will not shower, re-enter the change rooms or linger on deck.
  • All swimmers participating in the Junior Goldfins Swimming Lesson Program will be required to swim independently for a distance of 25M.

The Goldfins coaching staff and Board of Directors will continue to monitor developments and appreciate your cooperation as we try to provide a safe environment for all Goldfins members.

The Goldfins Swim Club’s priority is getting swimmers back in the pool while maintaining required spacing.


The Saskatoon Goldfins Swim Club is pleased to offer the Saskatoon Junior Goldfins  Learn to Race Swimming Lesson Program.  This program is designed for swimmers ages 6 - 10 years of age.

The Learn to Race Swimming Lesson Program has been designed and structured to introduce new skills, reinforce those skills acquired in previous swim classes/programs, develop new swimming techniques, develop aerobic capacity , and to create an understanding of competitive swimming/racing concepts.   All levels of the Program have clearly defined standards, teaching objectives, and learning outcomes.

The Junior Goldfins ‘Learn to Race’ Swimming Lesson Program is a progressive scheme that starts with introducing children to the Saskatoon Goldfins Competitive Program.


The Program is divided into these levels:

Bronze — this series of three (3) levels is designed to teach young children ages 6 - 7 intermediate water adjustment and beginning swimming with initial stroke development.

Silver — this series of three (3) levels is designed to teach young children ages 7 - 8 stroke and skill development.

Gold — this series of three (3) levels is designed to teach young children ages 8 - 10 stroke and skill refinements, providing further coordination and stroke proficiency, developing swimming prowess, power and smoothness over greater and greater distances.


Upon completion of the Junior Goldfins Learn to Race Program swimmers will be able to:

· Swim 100M

· Perform four (4) strokes

· Perform Underwater Streamline Body Dolphin

· Perform Dive Starts and Back Starts

Level Descriptions:

Novice (Ages 4-6) -


Under the Sea – Requirements: at least 4 years of age

Swimmers transition to the care of the coach.  Using games and movement activities, swimmers become oriented to the facility and to the safe practices of the lesson, basic floatation and propulsion are introduced.

Alligator Alley – Requirements: Completion of Under the Sea

Using games and movement activities, swimmers will learn to swim 2 – 3 metres, by improving their floatation, and propulsive glides.  Basic kicking and sculling action is introduced.

Seals Rock – Requirements: Completion of Alligator Alley

Using games and movement activities, swimmers will learn to swim 5 metres.  They will increase their glides using kicking and sculling actions.  Safety skills will include horizontal rotation and introduction to deep water activities.


Bronze (Ages 6 - 7):

Sole Train – Requirements: Completion of the Novice Learn to Race Swimming Program

Through fun activities, swimmers are introduced to the Freestyle and Backstroke Arm Cycle actions.  Swimmer will perform streamline glides with kicking in a variety of positions for 5 metres.  Swimmers will progress their Freestyle swim to a distance of 7 metres.

That’s A Moray – Requirements: Completion of Sole Train

Swimmers will increase their Freestyle distance to 10 Metres.  They will be introduced be introduced to Body Dolphin Action (an introductory to the Fly stroke). Swimmers will be challenged to complete 10 Metres of fast kicking action.

Hakuna MaTuna – Requirements: Completion of That’s A Moray

Swimmers will increase their Freestyle and their Backstroke distance to 20M.  Skills will include side glide with kick, sculling for 20 metres, and the sitting or kneeling dive.  Swimmers will be introduced to deep water activities.

Silver (Ages 7-8):

Send in the Clownfish – Requirements: Completion of the Bronze Learn to Race Swimming Program

Swimmers will be introduced to Freestyle drills while increasing their distance to 25 metres.  Swimmers will continue to develop their Backstroke, and their Body Action Dolphin skills.  New skills will include: standing dive, Breaststroke Kick Cycle and the Freestyle turn introduction.  Swimmers will complete a series of Timed Freestyle Kicking Challenges (25M).

Craberet – Requirements: Completion of Send in the Clownfish

Swimmers will develop their Freestyle and Backstroke (50M), while working on their Breaststroke Kick, and Body Dolphin Action (25M).  Introduction to the diving blocks and to the Freestyle Turn will serve as challenges for all Craberet swimmers.  Swimmers will complete a series of Timed Freestyle Kicking Challenges (25M).

Carptown Races – Requirements: Completion of Craberet

Swimmers will continue to refine their Freestyle and Backstroke by performing the required streamline kick-outs for 75 metres. Swimmers will be introduced to the Grab Start, the Backstroke Start, the Breaststroke Arm Cycle, the Fly Arm and Kick Cycle, and the introduction of the Backstroke turn.  Swimmers will complete a series of Timed Freestyle Kicking Challenges (25M).


Gold (Ages 8 - 10):

Who Let the Cod Out – Requirements: Completion of the Silver Learn to Race Swimming Program

Swimmers will increase their required distance for the Freestyle and for the Backstroke (100M).  Introduction to the Grab Start with Stroke Breakout, Breaststroke Breathing and Timing, Fly Timing, and the Backstroke Turn.  Swimmers will complete a series of Timed Freestyle Kicking Challenges (50M).

Like a Sturgeon – Requirements: Completion of Who Let the Cod Out

Freestyle, Backstroke, continue to be refined (200M), Breaststroke (25M), Fly (20M) and the Backstroke Turn.  Swimmers New skills will include: Breaststroke Pull-Out, Approach into Wall and Kick Out.  Swimmers will complete a continuous swim of 500M.   Swimmers will complete a series of Timed Freestyle Kicking Challenges (50M).

You’re Shrimply the Best – Requirements: Completion of Like a Sturgeon

Swimmers will complete the Saskatoon Goldfins Learn to Race Swimming Program with this challenging level of swimming.  Swimmers will review the Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke, and Fly strokes to practice “legal” stroke execution. Swimmers will be introduced to the Track Start and to the Open Turn.  Swimmers will complete repetition swimming sets.  Swimmers will complete a series of Timed Freestyle Kicking Challenges (50M).


Junior Goldfins Lesson Schedule

September 2020 - June 2021

Shaw Centre - Mondays & Wednesdays

Bronze, Silver, Gold (30 Minute Lessons):

$120.00/month with a one-time Swim Saskatchewan registration fee of $25.00:

4:15, 5:00, 5:45 PM


Harry Bailey Aquatic Centre - Tuesdays & Thursdays

Bronze, Silver, Gold (30 Minute Lessons):

$120.00/month with a one-time Swim Saskatchewan registration fee of $25.00.

4:15, 5:00, 5:45 PM


Equipment required:

Swim Cap, Goggles, Tight Fitting Swim Suit, and Fins



Saskatoon Junior Goldfins Policies 

Registration and Payment of Fees

▪ All registration is completed online at If you do not have an account, you must open a new account to begin registration.

▪ Progressing through the JR Goldfins levels does not require any registration changes by you. The Office will make the changes for you.

▪ Registration is for ten months, September 2020 – June 2021 and follows the school breaks and statutory holidays as indicated by the 2020-2021 Public School Board Calendar. Monthly swim fee and one-time registration fee is due when you register your swimmer.

▪ When you register online you have the option to pay with a credit card. The credit card will remain in your swimmer’s account for the season. Monthly swim fee billing is completed on the 1st of the month.

▪ If you choose to pay swim fees by cheque, you must provide a cheque dated for the day of registration for the monthly swim fee and the one-time registration fee. You must also provide postdated cheques, dated for the 1st of the month, for the balance of the swim fees (October – June).

▪ Credit card payment is preferred.

▪ Cheques must be received within 5 days of registration or your spot will be opened for another swimmer to register.

▪ Fees must be paid in full by the 1st of every month. Should any account become overdue, all swimming privileges may be suspended until the account is cleared.

▪ All declined credit cards and/or NSF cheques will be assessed a $30 surcharge.


Withdrawal Policy

▪ Swimmers can withdraw with a 30 day notice, given on the 1st of the month, with no penalty. ▪ Transfer between locations can be accommodated based on availability.

▪ The Saskatoon Goldfins Swim Club reserves the right to cancel any programs that do not meet the required number of participants. In the event of a program canceling due to low enrollment, registrants may be provided with alternate registration options. If these options are not suitable, a full refund or credit will be issued without a cancellation fee


Pool and Deck Rules

Every swimmer must take a shower prior to entering the pool. Outdoor footwear may not be worn on the pool deck. Outdoor shoes must be removed before entering the pool area. Food is not permitted on the pool deck. Glass is not permitted anywhere in the pool area. No exceptions. Bad behavior will not be tolerated. We ask that parents monitor their children during the lesson. The instructors are there to instruct every swimmer and cannot do that if a child is being disruptive. The instructors have a 3 strike rule. The child will be asked to leave the lesson if they are being disruptive and not fully participating in the class to the best of their ability.



By registering in the JR Goldfins Learn to Race Program, I give permission to the Saskatoon Goldfins Swim Club to publish (post) photographs of my child(ren) on the bulletin boards at Harry Bailey Aquatic Centre and the Shaw Centre, Website, Newsletter/Flash and promotional materials.

Acknowledgement – this is what you agree to when you sign into the website and register your child(ren) for lessons. You understand and accept the terms as outlined above as part of your child(ren)’s membership with the Saskatoon Goldfins Swim Club.



If you have any questions regarding the Learn to Race Swimming Program, please contact Steven Hitchings - [email protected]