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Goldfins Swimmers of the Month for March 2021

Jennifer Robinson

Saskatoon Goldfins Swimmers of the Month - March 2021

The Goldfins Swim Club is pleased to announce the Goldfins Male Swimmer of the Month for March 2021 - Aiden Sereda-Wosminity.  Aiden’s bright smile and willingness to tackle challenging competitive swimming skills has driven Aiden’s tremendous improvement he has realized during the month of March.  Aiden recently raced in the Goldfins Shamrock Swim Challenge.  He posted an unofficial best time in the 100M Freestyle, reducing his time by 30.21 seconds.  At the same racing event, he improved his 50M Backstroke time by 13.56 seconds. 

The Goldfins Coaching Staff look forward to seeing Aiden’s continued progress and improvement throughout the remainder of this swim season.  Keep up the great work Aiden!


“29,28, 27…..10 more 100s guys, let’s go! Woo”

That is Mateya Olszynski  bringing the Gold 16 together during their weekly 30 X 100 set. Her uplifting spirit and innate leadership skills are often shown in and out of the water. She is reliable and accountable. She always has my trust in completing any training tasks or demands I had given her. Her hardwork have finally paid off when she swam 50 Freestyle in 29.78 at the Goldfins Shamrock Swim Challenge.

Congratulation Mateya and keep up the good works you’ve done!