Saskatoon Goldfins Swim Club

The Saskatoon Goldfins Swim Club is dedicated to the promotion of excellence in competitive swimming in Saskatoon.

Goldfins Celebrate the April 2022 Swimmers of the Month

Jennifer Robinson


Garshaw Lotfian - (White 2) - Garshaw has been part of the white 2 group since September. He has shown great improvement in all areas; such as stroke techniques, work ethnics, attitude, team spirit and engagement. He has demonstrated excellence towards his group daily and hope for nothing but the best and cheer on his teammates. Great work Garshaw, keep up the great work into the final stretch!
Briana Boyko - (Blue 12) - For the month of April, Briana maintainted a 95% attendance. Her positive attitude, hard work and determination has shown during practice and at meets. Briana never hesitates to push herself during any training set and has inspired her teammates to follow. Congratulations Briana.