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The Saskatoon Goldfins Swim Club hosted a very successful dual meet on Friday, June 10, 2022, Shaw Centre, Saskatoon, SK.  This time trial featured an In-House competition, as Goldfins swimmers were divided into two “house teams”; Blue VS Gold.  This season, the Goldfins Gold Team came out on top, taking home the 2022 Blue VS Gold pennant.

It was an evening of great racing resulting in 118 personal best short course times.  Goldfins posted 38 NEW Saskatchewan Short Course Qualifying Time Standards at this meet.  Shay Sullivan qualified as the newest member of the Goldfins 2022 Senior Provincial Team, by posting a time of 3:30.75 in the 200M Breaststroke.  Shay will compete in the 2022 Man/SK Long Course Senior Provincial Championships, July 2022, Saskatoon, SK..

The contest was a close one with the Gold Team coming out on top, scoring 360 points with the Blue Team scoring 330 points.

Top 3 Goldfins Point Scorers:

Kasey Biberdorf                   18 Points

Abby Gebhardt                     14 Points

Nathan Grayston                  14 Points

Landon Kennedy                 14 Points

Kellen Nolan                         14 Points

Siarhei Tsyrhanovich          14 Points


The Goldfins Top 3 Most Improved Short Course Events:

Jacey Lutze                           200 Breaststroke      “-38.15”

Isaac Louie                           200 Backstroke        “-34.40”

Maxwell Thille                       200 IM                        “-30.60”


Congratulation to the 74 Goldfins posted 100% Personal Bests at the Blue VS Gold Meet:

Hassan Awadalla, Sami Benning, Cori Biberdorf, Kasey Biberdorf, Violet Bi, Joshua Block, Briana Boyko, Jason Broderick, Katerina Broten, Sadie Burrows, Emily Charabin, James DeLathouwer, Matviy Dobushovskyy, Landon Dubiel, Kamlyn Dyck, Emmett Findlay, Noah Findlay, Emma Fortier, Foster Fourney, Paul Frankenhauser, Abby Gebhardt, Claire Gerich, Nicole Godbout, Vanessa Godbout, Zahra Gokavi Bailey, Elizabeth Grambo, Gillian Grayston, Jordyn Hahn, Scott Heinbigner, Olivia Hoffmann, Avery Houle, Dejan Jarcan, Mateo Jarcan, Ivy Kellett, Landon Kennedy, Avery Kissick, Caleb Kissick, Olaf Kuklinski, Clara Lane, Sofia Lazic, Ely Legacy, Katelyn Legg, Piper Lejbak, Garshaw Lotfian, Issac Louie, Jacey Lutze, Kyle MacGillivray, Milayna Mildenberger, Atticus Mowat, Avyn Munshaw, Gracie Munshaw, Spencer Nave, Andrew Nghiem, Kellen Nolan, Ava Norman, Alyssa Park, Willow Regnier, Jonah Smith, Sophia Sukut, Shay Sullivan, Jessie Sun, Max Thille, Daniel Tran, Siarhei Tsyrhanovich, Cohen Veikle, Jocelyn Von Hagen, Nathan Vong, Mariah Weber, Nathan Wei, Sebastian Wruck, Grayson Wu, Kian Wu, Claire Yeo, and Ethan Zbytovsky.


Congratulations to these Goldfins who posted Saskatchewan Short Course Qualifying Times:

Saskatchewan Short Course AA Provincial Qualifying Time Standards:

Sami Benning                      200 Freestyle

Keiran Dyck                          50 Fly

Ian Genest                            200 Backstroke

Nicole Godbout                    200 Fly

Jordyn Hahn                         200 Backstroke

Landon Kennedy                 200 IM

Piper Lejbak                          200 IM

Andrew Nghiem                   50 Fly

Shay Sullivan                       200 Breaststroke

Siarhei Tsyrhanovich          100 Freestyle & 200 Backstroke

Nathan Vong                        50 Fly

Kian Wu                                 100 Fly

Claire Yeo                             100 Freestyle


Saskatchewan Short Course A Provincial Qualifying Time Standards:

Kasey Biberdorf                   50 & 100 Backstroke

Josh Block                             50 Backstroke

Jason Broderick                   200 IM

Noah Findlay                        200 Fly

Foster Fourney                    200 Freestyle

Katherine Gebhardt             200 Freestyle

Nathan Grayston                  200 Freestyle

Olivia Hoffmann                   200 Breaststroke

Avery Houle                          200 Backstroke

Landon Kennedy                 200 Fly

Avery Kissick                        200 Backstroke

Caleb Kissick                        50 Backstroke

Olaf Kuklinski                       100 Freestyle

Clara Lane                            50 Freestyle

Katelyn Legg                         200 Freestyle

Isaac Louie                           200 Backstroke

Jacey Lutze                           200 Breaststroke

Gracie Munshaw                 100 Freestyle & 200 IM

Sophia Sukut                        200 Backstroke

Shay Sullivan                       200 IM

Max Thille                             200 IM

Sebastian Wruck                  200 IM


The Goldfins Coaching Staff would like to thank the parent volunteers who generously donated their time to officiate at this swim meet.  Special thanks to Colleen Patterson (Goldfins Meet Manager) and to Belinda Bilous for referring this meet.


Goldfins 2022 Blue vs Gold Dual Meet Results – June 20, 2022


The Goldfins travel to Moose Jaw, SK, to compete in the 2022 Mike Mintenko Summerfest Swim Meet – June 18 & 19, 2022.


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