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Saskatoon Goldfins Swim Club Prepares to Compete in the 2022 Fall Breakout Swim Meet

Jennifer Robinson

Saskatoon Goldfins Swim Club “kicks off” the 2022-2023 swim season, competing in the RYMM Fall Breakout regional swim meet – October 21-23, 2022, Regina, SK.  This swim meet is divided into two competitive sections: 11 and Over events (October 21-22, 2022) and 10 & Under events (October 23, 2022).  The Goldfins Swim Club will be represented by 93 swimmers, who will be competing in 541 individual events.

This meet’s schedule is as follows:

Friday, October 21, 2022 – Session 1 - Warm-Up: 4:30 PM & Competition: 5:30 PM

Events: 50M Backstroke, 200M Fly, 100M Breaststroke and 400M Freestyle & 800M Freestyle Heats (Goldfins swimmers: Piper Lejbak, Cassidy Darling, Jacey Lutze, Lauren Anderson, Claire Huber, Spencer Nave, Jon Arndt, Andrew Nghiem, Keiran Dyck, Scott Heinbigner, and Nathan Grayston)

Saturday, October 22, 2022 – Session 2 – Warm Up: 8:00 AM & Competition: 9:00 AM

Events: 50M Fly, 200M Backstroke, 50M Breaststroke, 100M Freestyle, 400IM & 800M Freestyle Heats (Goldfins swimmers: Cori Biberdorf, Finn Toews, Kai Burke, Sophia Sukut, Kasey Biberdorf, Kamlyn Dyck, Avery Houle, Nicole Godbout, Milayna Mildenberger, Zoe Zimonick, Victoria Darling, Alyssa Park, Grayson Wu, Sebastian Wruck, James DeLathouwer, Noah Findlay, Carson Sereda-Wosminity, Max Thille, Dejan Jarcan, Atticus Mowat, Foster Fourney, Max Zhao, Bryce Tierney, Landon Kennedy, Landon Dubiel, and Matviy Dobushovskyy.)

Saturday, October 22, 2022 – Session 3 – Warm Up: 4:30 PM & Competition: 5:30 PM

Events: 50M Freestyle, 100M Fly, 200M Freestyle, and 100M Backstroke

** Please note that there is a Saskatchewan Roughriders Game - Saturday, October 22, 2022.  There will be Road Closures around the Lawson Aquatic Centre.  Access can be gained, traveling down East/West Dewdney to Athol(South) to 10th Avenue and/or by traveling/walking down North Railway Street to the Aquatic Centre.  Please plan accordingly. 

Sunday, October 23, 2022 – Session 4 – Warm Up: 9:30 AM & Competition: 10:30 AM

Events: 100M Freestyle, 50M Breaststroke, 200M Backstroke, 100M IM, 50 Fly, 200M Freestyle, 100M Breaststroke, 50M Backstroke, 100M Fly, 50M Freestyle, 200M Breaststroke, 100M Backstroke, 200M IM, and 800M Freestyle Heats (Goldfins swimmer: Mariah Weber)


Wishing all Goldfins swimmers who will be racing in this event the very best of success:

Lauren Anderson, Jonathan Arndt, Hassan Awadalla, Sami Benning, Emery Bernier, Kasey Biberdorf, Cori Biberdorf, Briana Boyko, Isla Brodie, Kai Burke, Sadie Burrows, Carsyn Busa, Jacob Cameron, Emily Charabin, Cassidy Darling, Victoria Darling, Megan Davies, James DeLathouwer, Robyn Diederichs, Matviy Dobushovskyy, Landon Dubiel, Kamlyn Dyck, Keiran Dyck, Noah Findlay, Adam Foster, Foster Fourney, Paul Frankenhauser, Oliver Genest, Claire Gerich, Nicole Godbout, Zahra Gokavi Bailey, Sidney Goodwin, Kaelin Govender, Revanya Govender, Gillian Grayston, Nathan Grayston, Ava Gursky, Zoe Gursky, Jordyn Hahn, Scott Heinbigner, Jordyn Hemmingway, Olivia Hoffmann, Hadley Hollick, Avery Houle, Claire Huber, Dejan Jarcan, Mateo Jarcan, Grayson Keays, Landon Kennedy, Adalyn Kent, Zalmon Kent, Eden Laliberte, Clara Lane, Hannah Larson, Sofia Lazic, Piper Lejbak, Katie Longjohn, Jacey Lutze, Kyle MacGillivray, Sarah MacGillivray, Milayna Mildenberger, Atticus Mowat, Spencer Nave, Andrew Nghiem, An Nguyen, Dorian Opitz, Alyssa Park, Carson Sereda-Wosminity, Joseph Shao, Sarah Slominski, Will Sothilingam, Hudson St. Amant, Sophia Sukut, Shay Sullivan, Maxwell Thille, Bryce Tierney, Finnley Toews, Daniel Tran, Lucas Tse, Siarhei Tsyrhanovich, Reese Veikle, Logan Vong, Chasen Weber, Mariah Weber, Sienna Weber, Phoenix Wiebe, Oliver Wruck, Sebastian Wruck, Grayson Wu, Kian Wu, Ethan Zbytovsky ,Maximillian Zhao, and Zoe Zimonick.

Thank you to the Regina Marlins and to Flatland Swimming for hosting this event.  Thank you to our Fall Breakout Goldfins’ parent volunteers who will be serving as the Team’s chaperones.

Thank you to Belinda Bilous for making the Club’s travel arrangements for this meet.


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Please have your Goldfins swimmer(s) pack the following items in their swim meet bag:

2 Towels

Goggles (tight fitting)

Tight Fitting Blue Swim Suit

Goldfins’ Cap(s)

Water Bottle

Variety of Snacks

Blue Goldfins T-Shirt


Deck Shoes

Notebook (Log Book) & Pen/Pencil


Hey You in the Blue!