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Goldfins Announce Swimmers of the Month - October 2022

Jennifer Robinson


Avyn Munshaw (Blue 14) - Avyn has demonstrated a large degree of dedication to her swimming with a nearly perfect attendance record.  Avyn is always looking for ways to improve her technique and challenging herself at each and every training session.  She is always asking questions about how to improve certain aspects of her strokes, skills, and racing tactics.  This willingness to attack each assigned meter and by applying herself in all dryland activities, has allowed Avyn to make great strides in improving her fitness conditioning. 

Avyn’s eagerness to learn the nuances surrounding the sport of swimming, has earned her the recognition of the Goldfins Female Swimmer of the Month.  Congratulations Avyn!

Jonathan Arndt (Gold 16) - I have had the pleasure of coaching Jonathan Arndt since last season. I am always impressed by his determination and motivation, which drive him to be better at every training session, 

Jonathan Arndt has been consistently holding 100% attendance since the beginning of the season. He is always among the first swimmers to be on deck in the morning to assist in setting up the pool, begin the activation routine and get into the pool at precisely at 0600 hour EVERY MORNING. He swims every prescribed meter at every training session. His high standard of discipline is second to none, and that is the reason why he earned himself the October swimmer of the month award. Congratulation Jon!