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Pizza and Prizes will be Plentiful at the Upcoming Little Caesars 2023 Winter Fun Meet

Jennifer Robinson


The Saskatoon Goldfins Swim Club is set to host the second Little Caesars Fun Meet of the 2022 - 2023 swim season.  This meet features racing for our youngest Goldfins swimmers.  It will be an evening of swimming and smiles.  Junior Goldfins Bronze, Silver, and Gold level swimmers will be racing to improve their best times, while showing off their competitive swimming strokes and skills. 

This special competition features bell heat prizes, door prize packs, and of course PIZZA.  The Goldfins thanks the Makari family for their continued generous sponsorship of the Junior Goldfins Program.  Lana Makari provide Pizza for over 180 swimmers and volunteers making this swim meet filled with extra “Pizzazz”.

The meet schedule is as follows:

Swimmer arrival on deck: 5:15 PM, Warm-Up & Group Meetings: 5:30 PM

Competition Start: 5:55 PM

Meet Events:

#1A – 50 Freestyle Demonstration Event

#5B – 50 Freestyle Kick - Gold

#1B – 50 Freestyle - Silver

#6A – 50 Backstroke Demonstration Event

#2 – 25 Freestyle Kick - Bronze

#6B – 50 Backstroke - Gold

#3 – 100 Freestyle - Gold

#7A – 25 Backstroke -Bronze

#4 – 25 Freestyle – Bronze 

#7B – 25 Backstroke - Silver

#5A –50 Freestyle Kick - Silver


Swimmers must be pre-registered to compete in this event.  Registration closes on Monday, March 6, 2023.

Please report any swimmers that are unable to attend this meet that have already registered, as a swimmer’s absence results in empty lanes slowing down the meet’s time line.

Thank you to these Goldfins families who have registered for the meet:

Bronze: Brette White, Bruce Finley, Fraser Mann, Brandon Nguyen, Lucas Li, John Preiss, Erykah Aubut, Evie Kent, Hannah Yonkman, Bodhi, Keeli Pocock, Tyler Tse, Liam Veikle, Rohan Sun de Leon, Robert Falastein, Leo Genest, Nhan Hoang, Jasper Ledingham-Off, Frank Wan, Zirui Ren, Anna bel Erickson, Lydia McKeown, Leo Sondegaard, Kris Xu, Daniel Mu, Evelyn Zaluski, Summer Grajo, Allison Berscheid, Kinley Cavanaugh, Bram Davidson, Tessa Diaz Donovan, Corbi Carlson and Alice Fu.

Silver: Harrison Bruce, Ty Fehr, Mayson Meyers, Rhett Ruzesky, Isaac Xie, Blaise Mitchell, Aishleen Mundi, Emma Reszat, Cade Busa, Bailey Hough, Samuel Munshaw, Mira Falastein, Ruby Chovan, Sylas McAvoy, Neva Zimmer, Angel Besong, Evelyn Bourassa, Matthew Sklar, Levi Laliberte, Youssef Barakat, Torrin Hussain, Malak Mohamed, Quinn Keleman, Zoey Painchaud, Meera Singh, Sullivan Sondergaard, Maxwell Day-Wiggins, Grey Hortness, Kingsley Wu, Ocean Wu, and Matthew Mills and Ha Le.

Gold/W1:  Wallis Fisher-Katz, Luka Fehr, Elliotte Mah, Mya Meyers, Ellie Pelzer, Scarlett Baier, Dani Andrews, Gage Andrews, Lenix Bear, Zachary Mitchell, Yolanda Xu, Farrah Aitken, Zeyah Flemming, Elsa Fletcher, Montgomery Hyggen-Lorer, Mary Miller, Madelyn Ness, Piper Veikle, Luxi Yang, William Cameron, Oliver Ledingham-Off, Andrew Neudorf, Naomi Wall, Aiva Javier, Leo Wang, Ryland McAvoy, Amber Ou, Chathun Wickramarathna, Katie Zapshalla, Hayden Zimmer, Ryder Coulas, Alexander Kovalenko, Calvin McKeown, Samuel Xie, Jing Yi Yuan, Yuri Zaluski, Caris Carlson, Nicola Davidson, Carlin Armstrongm Niko Legacy, Olivia Lovick, Emma Witt, Bronwen Friggstad, Alexander Burke, Esme Burke, Dakota Wigness, Sophie Nguyen, Rebecca Xu, and Xihan Yang.



Junior Goldfins swimmers will need to bring the following to the meet:

Tight Fitting Bathing Suit, Goggles, Goldfins Cap, 2 Towels, Goldfins, Warm Clothes to put on during the meet (these will get wet), Dry Clothes to Wear Home. 

Optional: Take away pizza container(s) as swimmers, volunteers, and officials are not encouraged to eat the pizza in the facility.  They should take the food home for a treat.

Thank you to all of the Goldfins and Junior Goldfins parents who have offered to volunteer to officiate at this meet.  We appreciate your assistance.  Parent officials are asked to report to the deck at 5:30 PM.  Thank you to the Goldfins senior swimmers who will be assisting at this swim meet.

Parents and spectators are asked to sit in the designated seating area in the mezzanine bleachers.  Parents WILL NOT be permitted to sit on deck.

Meet Information and Results will be found on the Meet Mobile App and will be made available following the meet’s conclusion.

Follow the Goldfins updates and results will be posted on the Goldfins FacebookTwitter, and  Instagram  Pages.   

Due to the swim meet, there will NOT BE any regularly scheduled training sessions held on Friday, March 10, 2023:

Junior Goldfins (Fridays Lessons)

Goldfins White 3, Blue 12, Gold 12 Groups. 

Blue 14 and Gold 14’s training session will conclude at 6:30 PM (Swimmers will assist with the meet)  B14 & G14 are welcome to volunteer for the duration of the meet.

Please note that the Donated Pizza is for Swimmers and Volunteers Only.


Go Gold Go!