Saskatoon Goldfins Swim Club


The Saskatoon Goldfins Swim Club is dedicated to the

promotion of excellence in competitive swimming in Saskatoon.



This is our fifth competitive level. Swimmers will attend 3-4 day invitationals in addition to attending Jr. Provincials, Manitoba/Saskatchewan Championships and out of province competitions.


Target Group: Swimmers aged 12-14 who are performing beyond the Blue 12 program in competition and in practice.


Outcome Goals: to race all events, to improve distance swims in training, to build a positive view of self, introduction to leadership opportunities.


Mental Skills: Seasonal goal setting (short term)





Season: September 2022 - June 2023

Weekly Training Schedule:





Competition Schedule:

Blue Meet = in training, the focus is to learn new race strategies and work on skill execution
Gold Meet = PEAK meet the focus is on making this the fastest meet of the cycle


Goldfins Blue 14 Swim Meet and Test Results - 2022 - 2023

Blue 14 & Gold 14 T 50 Freestyle Kick Results - December 2022NEW POST DECEMBER 1, 2022

Blue 14 & Gold 14 GSL 50M Freestyle Skins Results - November 2022

Blue 14 & Gold 14 T 200 Freestyle Kick Results - November 2022

Blue 14 & Gold 14 T 200 Backstroke Kick Results - October 2022

Blue 14 & Gold 14 T 400 Kick Results - October 2022

Blue 14 & Gold 14 Luck of the Draw Mystery 200 IM Results - September 2022

B14 & G14 T 50 Freestyle Kick Results







Team T-Shirt
Team Cap
Fins – speedo or Arena Pro MUST BE SHORT BLADE
Speedo Training Paddles
Snorkel – Michael Phelps or Finis Jr
Junior One - Piece Pull BuoySkipping rope
Mesh Bag
Gym clothing (All training sessions will have a dry land component and swimmers will need to bring shorts, t-shirt and shoes.)

For information regarding registration fees, contact Jay Magus at [email protected]