Volunteers are very important for the success of competitive swimming. As parents of our club, it is important that you participate and volunteer to make the sport successful.

One way of volunteering is becoming a Swim official. You can start by taking Level I and then you can move towards Level II if officiating is appealing to you. Official Clinics will be held throughout the year and the dates will be emailed. At any time, you can contact our Officials Coordinator Gary Losier at [email protected] to discuss clinic opportunities or if you have any questions.

Swim NB has mandated that all host teams are responsible for co-ordinating officials. It would be appreciated if TIDE families, from Sharks to Seniors have at least one parent certified to at least a level II official. This would enable us to host successful meets.

Thanks TIDE families! See you at the pool!


Procedure of Certification 


  1. Complete the Level 1 clinic for Timekeeper and Safety Marshal.



  1. Certify in Level I by obtaining successful deck evaluations in each of Timekeeper and Safety Marshall;
  2. Complete the clinic for Judge of Stroke/Inspector of Turns and one other Level II clinic listed below;
  3. Certify in those positions by obtaining two successful deck evaluations in each position:

NOTE: There are separate clinics for Chief Finish Judge, Chief Judge Electronics and Recorder Scorer. The clinic for Recorder must be taught as a Level II clinic, either separately or as part of another clinic at the discretion of each provincial section. It is recommended that it be combined with Meet Manager or Chief Finish Judge. Provincial sections may permit certification in the combined CFJ/CJE/RS position in a manner that the provincial section chooses, provided that a candidate works a minimum of two sessions to the satisfaction of the referee, at least one of which must be as a Chief Finish Judge.

  • Judge of Stroke/Inspector of Turns (counts as 1 position) – REQUIRED;
  • Clerk of Course;
  • Chief Timekeeper;
  • Meet Manager;
  • Chief Finish Judge/Chief Judge Electronics/Recorder Scorer (counts as 1 position);
  • Starter.



  1. Certify in Level II;
  2. Complete all of the clinics for the positions listed under Level II;
  3. Certify in three additional positions listed under Level II by obtaining two successful deck evaluations in each position;
  4. Conduct a Level I clinic under the direction of a Level IV or V official.



  1. Successful completion of the following requirements
    1. Certify in all positions listed under Level  II;
    2. Successfully complete the Referee clinic
    3. Gain experience as a Referee at a minimum of five sessions;
    4. Conduct a minimum of two Level II officials clinics within the year of application under the direction of a Level IV or V official;
  2. Complete one year of active service as a Level III official
  3. Obtain the approval of the provincial Officials’ Chairperson or his delegate to be evaluated;
  4. Two successful evaluations in the position of Referee by a Level V official.



  1. Complete a minimum of one year of active service as a Level IV official;
  2. Organize, conduct and/or supervise a minimum of two Level II clinics within the year of application;
  3. Two successful evaluations as a Referee, or once as Referee and once as Starter, by a Level V official;
  4. Work a minimum of two sessions at a SNC designated (National) meet at any position;
  5. Provide the information required by the Chairperson of the National Official’s Committee (NOC) for appointment of Master Officials to the provincial Officials’ Chairperson.

If the provincial Officials’ Chairperson is satisfied that the candidate has met all requirements, the candidate’s name and the required information will be presented to the NOC Chairperson for certification of the candidate as a National Official (Blue Pin).
If the NOC Chairperson certifies the candidate as a national official, a congratulatory letter and Master Official certification card will be sent to the candidate.



In order to remain an active Master Official in Canada an official must:

  • work a minimum of four sessions over a minimum of two meets in each swim year;
  • conduct or supervise a clinic in each swim year.

Master Officials who do not work or instruct as required may apply for reinstatement to their provincial chair of officials, who may require certain senior level clinics be re-done.



“Certified” means that the clinic card shall be signed and dated by the Referee after working two sessions in that position during an S/NC sanctioned competition.
These certification procedures represent the minimum national standards; provincial sections may adopt additional requirements.


Approved by the NOC Committee