Junior"T" and Junior I) 

Junior "T" and "I"  swimmers are introduced to the Learn to Train stage of Competitive Swimming through Swim Canada's Long Term Athlete Development Strategy (LTAD). 

The skills gained from our Shark program will now be further developed in the course of 3 one hour training practices per week. 

In addition to further developing :

 4 Competitive Strokes
 Proper kicking 
 Dives, Turns & IM Transitions
 ABC's Agility; Balance; Coordination
 Anaerobic Speed of 8 seconds or less 
 Flexibility in & out of the water
 Spatial Awareness 

Practices will also consist of high repetition & low intensity skill focus followed by some intensity progression to challenge skill acquisition.

Junior "T" and "I" swimmers will be introduced to the following:

 Aerobic Endurance- FUN Fitness
 Tactics & Decision Making
 Aerobic Power
 Strength Endurance

For proper placement on our Junior "T" and "I" teams, new swimmers are required to:

1. Go through a water assessment of 200 meters consisting of the 4 Competitive Strokes.

2. Attend three 1.25 hour practices per week during our swim season.

The focus in Junior  "T" and "I" is personal improvement, fun and team spirit. Swimmers will be introduced to competition, and will develop friendships and positive self-worth through a variety of games and exercises. The Junior "T" and "I" groups reflects the “Learn to Train” stage of Swimming Canada’s LTAD plan. Swimmers in this group are encouraged to continue additional sports and activities outside of swimming. 



Junior T:
Swim times:
  • Sunday            9:45-11:00 AM
  • Monday           4:45-6:00 PM
  • Friday              4:45-6:00 PM
Junior I:
Swim times:
  • Sunday           11:00AM-12:15PM
  • Wednesday     6:15-7:30 PM 
  • Friday              4:45-6:00 PM

Our focus will always be geared towards building confidence & positive self esteem!