The St. James Seals Swim Club offers a comprehensive swim program that ranges from pre-competitive (Pups) to competitive (Senior/National group). Our club believes that competitive swimming is a way of life that provides young people with a means to become physically fit and goal oriented. We at the St. James Seals have structured our programs to promote many lifelong skills such as: team work, goal setting, time management, stress management, leadership qualities, and problem solving.

Our Seals Pups program is a true alternative to traditional lean-to-swim programs, designed for younger swimmers to learn proper stroke technique & prepare them for competitive swimming. As your child enters the sport of swimming, it is essential that you support both your child and their coach. Our coaches are professionals and are committed to teaching your child the skills necessary to improve their swimming technique. It is imperative that you as parents support the coaching decisions as your confidence in the coach will be reflected in your child. We at the St. James Seals ask that parents remain off the pool deck during practices & at swim meets. If you need to talk to the coach please do so before or after your child's practice.

As our swimmers grow their performances in competition and stroke technique will improve, the number of practices will therefore increase. The decision to move a swimmer up to the next group is based upon an agreement between the coaching staff and the swimmers parents. Although it is not mandatory for a swimmer to move up to the next group, the recommendation by the coaching staff is always in the best interest of the swimmer.

It is important that parents keep their expectations at the reasonable level and not expect more than their child is capable of. As parents you can assist in helping your child set realistic short & long term goals. Goals are important as they create focus in children?s lives & help them create a manageable path to a future dream.

The competitive season is split in two, short course & long course season. Short course meets are swum in a 25 meter pool. The Short course season runs from September to February. Long course meets are swum in a 50 meter pool, & runs from March to July. Swimmers compete in age groups & are classified as A or AA swimmers based on their ability. Those categories allow swimmers to compete against other swimmers of similar age and ability.

Competition is beneficial for children as it allows swimmers to learn more about themselves, and how they react under various forms of stress. Competition creates strong, mature, mentally tough individuals. When a swimmer has a particularly good race, they can feel proud of their achievement knowing that their dedication and hard work have paid off. If a swimmer has a poor race, they must critique their performance to see what they can improve for next time. Parents should be especially proud of their children since it takes an incredible amount of courage to stand on the starting block and compete in race. Having the courage to swim against other competitors and in front of a crowd and peers is an accomplishment in itself.

The St. James Seals competitive swim team offers professional coaching and technical instruction for all ages and abilities. Our team's goal is to provide every member an opportunity to improve swimming skills and achieve success at his or her level of ability, from novice to national competitor.

All of our coaches, as members of the Canadian Swimming Coaches Association, have access to the most comprehensive training and certification program for youth coaches in Canada. They provide assurances that the time children spend in swimming will be quality time.

We are a non profit club, that is governed by its elected Board Members, which meet every couple of months. All members are welcome at each meeting and encouraged to be involved in team activities and fundraising.  The Seals Swim Program is managed by our Head Coach Josh Koldon and the day to day business operations are managed by our Team Manager Jackie Lusk.