• We will be placing a club order for team logo, junior sized black kickboards.
    • We will need a minimum order so please sign up as soon as possible.
    • To order, please confirm yes through the Team Kickboard Event by Sunday, Sept 19th
    • Cost $28 (includes tax)

Gear Guide


All SKSC members are responsible for obtaining appropriate training, racing and SKSC apparel as required for their group. Official SKSC colours are red and black.  All Team Apparel, such as caps, t-shirt, hoodies, track jackets, etc. may be purchased through SKSC.  For training equipment, such as fins, pull-kicks, mesh bags, paddles, etc., Team Aquatic Supplies has a specific SKSC website to aid families in ordering their required equipment.

When you visit TAS in person, to receive a discount you will need a shark card.  If you would like one, please email [email protected] or ask one of the coaches when you are at Guildford.  In the meantime, here is a picture of the discount card

How to order training equipment (suits, goggles, flippers, etc...):

  • Team Aquatic Supplies is our usual recommended supplier of training equipment.  The are a made in BC business and have been supporting BC clubs for many years through sponsorships, scholarships, etc...  They have their location in North Vancouver if you need to try on fins in person.  There is also a discount card/code that is also attached.
  • All Tides is also another Canadian business and associated with Swimming Canada member rewards program based online.
How to order team gear (caps, t-shirts, hoddies, etc...):  
  • Click here to go to Surrey Knights Equipment Online Order Form (updating)
  • Fill out the form and indicate your payment
  • If you are paying by cash or cheque, hand in the money to Coach Amber

Questions on sizing or any of the items? Please contact Coach Amber at [email protected]




Training Equipment:

As most of you know – swimming is much more than just up and down the pool. Coaches and swimmers use a variety of equipment during those practices.  Some equipment is age specific and other is for all members of the team.  A Required and Recommended list has been provide for you to ensure that you able to train correctly.


Team Apparel:

Team apparel is for all members of the team.  Team apparel is not just a swim suit in the water but having the right gear for the right time- this includes deck time, meets and club socials, etc.  Team Apparel has also been set out in a graduated scale with a Required and Recommended list to meet the image and team unity needs of the club.


About Cost:

All efforts have been made to keep equipment and apparel at lowest possible cost.  Equipment cost includes taxes, shipping and handle cost only! Equipment has been rounded off to keep to the nearest dollar.

Notes about Equipment:

  • All swimmers are required to wear a team t-shirt on deck each day for practice.
  • All swimmers are required to wear a team cap during Knights practice times.
  • All swimmers are to meet the graduated scale of equipment and apparel.
  • Order will be placed on the 25th of each month.
  • Equipment can take up to 4 weeks to arrive –so plan ahead!
  • All orders are prepaid.
  • All equipment orders will be handled by the SKSC Equipment Coordinator.

Once again – all efforts possible have been made to have a graduated scale of equipment and team apparel to keep cost under control yet at the same time ensure that a team look is achieved.  If you have any questions about your equipment requirements please see Coach Amber or Coach Reg.


SKSC Equipment Coordinator
[email protected]