PSW PASS Meet: 5 to LMR

Amber Czerniej Coach

Our first PASS meet of the year was a major success! We had 33 brave Knights compete at Grandview Heights Aquatic centre this past Sunday, and they sure had their game face on. A big shout out to the swimmers who attended their first PASS meet ever, and also to our experienced competitors who were helping out, thank you and well done!

The meet began with 100IM. Mac started off his race strong with an amazing dive, Hartej impressed the coaches with his speedy backstroke arms, and Eric stood out of everyone in his heat with such beautiful butterfly technique!

200IM was quite the race to watch! Ishan crushed the last 50m with his freestyle by passing almost everyone in his heat, Soriyah’s flutter kick was the fastest out of everyone, and Damian pushed through until the end of his race without his goggles. 

Congratulations to our 5 new LMR swimmers: Myla, Angelina, Kevin, Kyle, and Hunar!

The swimmers then tackled 50m backstroke. So many swimmers were outstanding in the water compared to their competitors because of their streamlines! Some notable swimmers were Puneet, Arnold, Amira, and Jeffrey!

Lastly, we raced in 50m freestyle. You could tell the swimmers who wanted to win had fire in their eyes. Great job to these swimmers who stood out from the rest: Gloria, Vincent T, Mark, Stefan, and Leanne!

Each PASS meet, we award 2 swimmers the Skittles Cup, which is determined by the coaches who they think stood out the most out of everyone. This meets winners were Myla and Ishan!

Our notable mentions for the meet went to Stefan, Eric, Mac, Amira, Soriyah, Muskaan, and Leanne!

Great work to everyone, we look forward to the next PASS meet!


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