Community Fitness Novice
Active for Life Stream

Description (Designed for ages 11 and over)
This stream is designed for swimmers 11 and over who wish to participate in swimming but at a non-competitive level or older swimmers starting out who wish to eventually compete.  This group is ideal swimmers who wish to participate for fitness, improving technique, or using swimming as cross training for another sport.  Participation in swim competitions is optional (meet fees in addition to monthly fees, paid in advance of meet).  This group falls into the ACTIVE FOR LIFE stage of the Long Term Athlete Development Model (LTAD).
Schedule (Sept to June) Including Activation, Dryland and Water Times

- swimmers can select 1 or 2 days/week (must stick to same days each week, no make up workouts unless offered)

- Sept to June

Tues. 6:15 - 7:30 pm Surrey Sport and Leisure (SSLC)
Thurs. 6:15 -7:30 pm Surrey Sport and Leisure (SSLC)
    -  Able to swim 50m front crawl, 50m backstroke and perform legal whip kick (Red Cross Level 7/8)
    -  Tread water for 30 seconds and comfortable in deep water
    -  Have Fun! 
    -  Work on refining all 4 strokes, starts and turns 
    -  Improve your endurance and conditioning
Swimmer Expectations 
    -  Attend assigned workouts 
    -  Arrive 5 minutes before practice starts so you can start on time 
    -  Contact coach of Saturday morning group if you wish to attend that workout 
    -  Bring a water bottle to every workout 
    -  Participate at “Round Tables Club Meets” and other club events or functions 
    -  Treat others with respect and care 
    -  Have a positive attitude  
    -  Adhere to Athlete Code of Conduct
Parent Expectations 
    -  Arrange to get your swimmer to practices and events on time 
    -  Contact your coach directly if you have any concerns regarding your swimmer and their training 
    -  Stay up-to-date with club news via hand-outs, emails, website, bulletin boards and/or
             communication with coaches and board 
    -  Ensure all fees are paid on time and account is in order 
    -  Parent Participation Points: help out at SKSC club functions and hosted events, etc... 
    -  Treat other parents, athletes and coaches with respect 
    -  Have a positive attitude and do not engage in negative gossip in the bleachers with other parents 
    -  Adhere to Parent Code of Conduct
Graduation to Community Fitness Advanced
- Ability to perform all 4 strokes
- Ability to dive and perform flip turns
- close to or under the LMR standards (under 4:00 in the 200IM)