Competitive Stream
Competitive 3

Description (Designed for ages 12 and under)


Swimmers in this group have achieved their LMR standards and are striving for LMR champs/divisional standards in multiple events. Swimmers  are at the LEARNING TO TRAIN stage of the Long Term Athlete Development Model (LTAD and developing skills that are necessary for successful competition at the regional/divisional level. 



  • LMR standards 
  • Attends multiple sanctioned competitions
  • Must be willing to travel (within LMR ) and attend competitions
  • Ability to perform 50m legally for  all 4 strokes,( including  turns and starts)


  • Enjoy swimming
  • Strive to attend all workouts 
  • Attend all competitions as recommended by coach
  • Strive to adopt complimentary skills such as nutrition, goal setting, etc...
  • Aim for LMR Championships/Divisional  Standards

Swimmer Expectations

  • Strive to attend all workouts, attendance requirement minimum of 85%
  • Regularly participate in competitions
  • Attend LMR Championships or Divisionals, if qualified
  • Arrive 5 minutes before dryland starts so you can start on time
  • Communicate with coach regarding missed workouts and training questions/concerns
  • Bring a water bottle to every workout
  • Ensure you have the appropriate training gear
  • Treat others with respect and care
  • Have a positive attitude
  • Adhere to Athlete Code of Conduct

Parent Expectations

  • Arrange to get your swimmer to practices and events on time
  • Contact your coach if your swimmer is going to miss workout
  • If watching workout or a swim meet, to stay in the viewing areas and remain off the pool deck or out of appropriate areas
  • Contact your coach directly and without delays if you have any concerns regarding your swimmer and their training
  • Stay up-to-date with club news via hand-outs, emails, website, bulletin boards and/or communication with coaches and board
  • Ensure all fees are paid on time and account is in order
  • Parent Participation Points: help out at SKSC club functions, hosted events, timing at PASS meets, etc...
  • Treat other parents, athletes and coaches with respect
  • Have a positive attitude and do not engage in negative gossip in the bleachers with other parents
  • Adhere to Parent Code of Conduct

Graduation Guideline into Next Group

  • Minimum time standards and age for the group
  • Recommended 90% workout attendance
  • Attending competitions on a regular basis
  • Successful trial period
  • Please note: Meeting performance standards does not guarantee/disqualify any potential move up.  Invites to move-up are at the discretion of coaches.  Other factors included in consideration are training space, maturation, workout quality, attitude, health and training ability.