Early Registration FAQs

If you have any questions, please see the FAQs attached and if your answer is not there, please email registrar@surreyknights.com.

Q. What happens if I register and decide later not to come back.  Can I get a refund?

  1. Registration fees are non-refundable after September 1st

Q. What happens if I don’t register early?  Can I still register later?

  1. You can register at a later date however some groups maybe full.  Only way to guarantee your spot is to participate in the early registration.  There will also be a $25 increase in the registration fee after September 1st.

Q. What if I am not returning?

  1. If you know that you plan on not returning to our program, please let us know.  Don't forget to return your access cards.

Q. Why aren’t the group placements, schedules and fees confirmed now?

  1. Group placements may change based on swimmers skill improvement with summer camp participation, maturation changes, coordination changes, etc.   Group scheduling and fees may change depending on our SKSC registration numbers and the amount of the gaming grant we receive from the province of British Columbia.   If you have question with this area, please contact Coach Reg.

Q. I have a concern regarding the group my swimmer has been placed in.

  1. If you have any concerns or questions regarding group placement, please email registrar@surreyknights.com before you register.

Q. Why can't I register in another group right away?

A. Some groups are currently full and moving into the group might not be possible until we know if all swimmers are returning or not.

Q. I wish to add another sibling.  What do I do?

A. Email registrar@surreyknights.com to set up an assessment.  Please wait to register the full family until the additional sibling has been added to your account.

Q. I got a team gear kit last year.  Can I opt out of receiving one this season?

A. A team gear kit is a requirement every season registration

Q. I joined in March last season. Do I have to pay a registration fee again?

A. Yes.  Every season the club has to pay registration fees.  The registration fees do get prorated at various points in the season to account for late start ups.