Competitive Group
High Performance Black

Description (Designed for ages 14 and over)
Swimmers in this group compete at both the provincial and striving for national levels.  Swimmers in this group range from 15yrs and older.  They are at the TRAINING TO COMPETE stage of the Long Term Athlete Development Model (LTAD).  The swimmers will be also be focusing on refining their complimentary skills necessary for long term participation in swimming developed in earlier groups.
  • Includes activation, dryland, stretch and water times
  • 8 times/week
  • Sept-July
  • Please see  Group Schedule Chart Here  for Sept, Oct-Dec, Jan-June Schedule
  • Graduation Standard from Performance
  • 15 years old
  • Western/Junior National Qualifiers


  • Enjoy swimming
  • Strive to attend all workouts
  • Attend all competitions as recommended by coach
  • Adopt and refine complimentary skills such as nutrition, goal setting, etc... on a consistent basis
  • Become “students” of the sport
  • Aim for National Qualification Times
  • Final at Provincial and National Level Competition
  • Volunteer and be a role model with younger swimmers (2 hour/month)

Swimmer Expectations

  • Maintain 85% attendance or better
  • Arrive 5 minutes before practice starts so you can start on time
  • Communicate with coach regarding missed workouts and training questions/concerns
  • Bring a water bottle to every workout
  • Participate at “Round Table Club Meets” and other club events or functions
  • Volunteer with younger swimmers (2 hour/month)
  • Treat others with respect and care
  • Have a positive attitude
  • Adhere to Athlete Code of Conduct
  • Participate in Spring Break Camp

Parent Expectations

  • Arrange to get your swimmer to practices and events on time
  • Contact your coach directly if you have any concerns regarding your swimmer and their training
  • Encourage your swimmer to communicate to coach regarding missed workouts and training concerns themselves
  • Stay up-to-date with club news via hand-outs, emails, website, bulletin boards and/or communication with coaches and board
  • Ensure all fees are paid on time and account is in order
  • Parent Participation Points: help out at SKSC club functions and hosted events, etc...  Encouraged to volunteer in leadership positions (board, committees, etc...)
  • Treat other parents, athletes and coaches with respect
  • Have a positive attitude and do not engage in negative gossip in the bleachers with other parents
  • Adhere to Parent Code of Conduct