Surrey Knights Swim Club

Masters Swim Club

SSLC - currently on hold due to PHO

Guildford (TBA)

Please email [email protected] for questions, fee information and to register.

Note, this program is now separate from the City of Surrey program run previously and does involve training fees.  Please email for details

**Conditions for program to run:

  • Any Provincial Health or Fraser Health Orders or Restrictions on Adult Sport Teams


Description (Designed for Adults, ages 18 and over)

The Surrey Knights MASTERS program is for the adult swimmers that want to train for competition or athletes that have incorporated a swim program as part of their fitness journey.  Competition attendance is optional.

Surrey Sport and Leisure Complex
Schedule (Sept - June)

Tues. 5:50-7:00AM Surrey Sports and Lesiure Complex (SSLC) 60 min
Thur. 5:50-7:00AM Surrey Sports and Lesiure Complex (SSLC) 60 min
Sun. 8:20-9:30AM Surrey Sports and Lesiure Complex (SSLC) 60 min


Participation options:

  • 1, 2 or 3 day option:
    • Tues water: 6:00-7:00AM (arrive 5:50AM)
    • Thurs water: 6:00-7:00AM (arrive 5:50AM)
    • Sun water: 8:45-9:45AM (arrive 8:35AM)
  • For 1 and 2 day options, athletes will select which day(s) they will attend.  
  • Due to COVID, once a day is selected, the athlete will not be able to change days
    • Eg. can’t swim Tues/Thurs one week, then Thurs/Sun the next
    • Can make a permanent change if space permits

COVID Protocols:

  • Back to Sport Plan - same as age group program
  • Highlights:
    • SKSC Health Questionnaire filled out before each workout
    • Masks required when in holding area and on deck
    • Physical distancing both on deck and in the water
    • Starting positions on wall and flags
    • No passing
    • Lane Density: 3-4/single lane depending on ability
    • No access to showers or change rooms before or after workout

Competitions (optional):

  • For those interested and once running again, there will be an option to attend masters competitions or time trials
  • Attending competitions is not mandatory
  • If interested in competitions, please let us know when signing up


  • 150metres of continuous swimming unassisted
  • Tread Water for 30 seconds
  • At ease or comfortable in deep water


  • Improve Technique
  • Improve Endurance
  • Reach your goals as discussed with Masters Coach
  • Enjoy your workouts

Swimmer Expectations

  • Strive to attend all workouts
  • Arrive 10 minutes before water time
  • Bring a water bottle to every workout
  • Treat others with respect and care
  • Have a positive attitude


Please email [email protected] for questions, information and to register.