2021-2022 Preregistration - current SKSC members

Open for Returning Members

7/21/21 - 8/20/21

Open for New Members

8/6/20 - 8/6/20


Surrey Knights Swim Club

Pre-registration is Open for SKSC members and SKSC 2021 Summer Camp Members

New swimmers: Click Here

Due to delays from the City of Surrey regarding pool allocation, SKSC has not received confirmation regarding pool time for the 2021-2022 season.  As a result, we do not have schedules ready at this time.  The good news is that Guildford has officially reopened so we will be resuming with programs from both facilities in the fall.

To determine interest, and establish groups and schedules, we have set up a pre-registration.
  • Pre-registration will give SKSC an idea of the swimmers who are intent on returning and allows us to plan groups and schedules accordingly. 
  • This is a refundable deposit to note your interest.  If you end up not registering for any programs, we will credit back the fee.
    • Those who pre-registered last season and ended up waiting out due to COVID-19 will see a credit on their account
  • Families will register based on the age and competitive level of their swimmer
    • Development/Community Fitness Non-Competitive
      • Summer camp swimmers
      • Mini-Knights, Dev, P2, P1 (non-LMR), and CF from last season
      • Bronze, Silver, Gold (non-LMR), and community fitness from 2019-2020
    • Competitive Groups
      • Age category as for Dec 31st
      • Swimmers from Y1/2/3, J1/2, HPJ/HPRed/HPBlack last season
      • LMR qualifiers from Regional, Performance groups from 2019-2020
    • Part-Time Competitive Group  (12 and older)
      • For swimmers LMR and up with 4 workouts a week offered
      • Designed for those competitive swimmers who can’t commit to a full schedule or advanced community fitness swimmers who want to swim more and possibly compete
      • The possibility of this group will be dependent on interest and pool availability
  • Pre-registration process will include:
    • Successfully completing the necessary registration forms online
    • Collection of the SKSC Family registration, Swim BC swimmer registration and team gear kit fees 
      •  This is your deposit to secure a spot on the team
    • Like previous seasons, families who pre register will have a cheaper SKSC family registration fee.
    • If a pre-registered swimmer is assigned a group and is unable to attend due to fees or schedules, or is not assigned a group due to space constraints, they are eligible to receive a full refund of their pre-registration fees.
    • Once your swimmer is confirmed and attends their first workout, the SKSC Family and Swim BC fees are non-refundable.
Registration for Fall
Once groups, schedules and fees for the Fall have been finalized we will communicate with pre-registered swimmers and confirm their group placement.
  • Due to us holding training fees the same last season despite an increase in pool rate, there will be an increase in training fees expected next season as a result.
  • Pre-registered swimmers who are unable to attend due to fees or schedules, or not assigned a group, are eligible to receive a refund of their preregistration
  • Any available spaces in the Fall Start Up Camp will be open to any current SKSC swimmers who did not register through Phase 1 along with any new swimmers. 
    • Remaining spaces will be on a first-come, first-serve basis.
    • Registration fee is non-refundable for swimmers registering at this time

New members:

New siblings of current members - please email [email protected] to set up an assessment

Previous Lesson Experience Only - Assessment dates will be set once fees, groups and schedules are confirmed (tentatively Sept 1, Sept 2 and Sept 7).  Please email [email protected] to be added to interest list.

Previous Swim Club Experience (knowledge of all 4 strokes, under 4mins 200IM) - Please email [email protected] as LMR qualified swimmers and up can join during preregistration without an assessment.