Registration Policies
Club Registration Fees
Assessed per family once a season
Madatory for new and returning members
Swim BC/Swimming Canada Registration Fees
Set by Swim BC and Swimming Canada
Assessed based on competitive category and age
If your swimmer attends 1 sanctioned meet and is registered as non-competitive, swimmer will have registration upgrade and cost assessed to family in order to attend further competitions
Team Gear Kit
Mandatory for all members, new and returning
Training Fees
It is an annual cost that can be paid in 1 lump sum or paid monthly for your convenience
**Due to COVID-19 and possible training disruptions, only monthly payment option at this time**
Can be paid by cheque or credit card
**Due to COVID-19 and possible training disruptions, only credit payment option at this time**
Annually by cheque in September receives ~3% discount
Monthly by cheque, 1st cheque includes 1st and last month
Volunteer Assessment
Incidental Charges (equipment, swim meets)
A current credit card must remain on file at all times
$10 returned cheque fee
$10 for second and subsequent credit card declines
$15 late fee for monthly billing overdue 21 days
Group/Day Change Requests
Changing pool groups or time slots is based on availability in other time lots or groups. 
Permission from registrar must be granted before a group change can occur and is up to the registrar's discretion. 
Community Fitness members dropping a day must give a full month's notice from the month that they wish to make the drop.
Competitive swimmers switching to community fitness must give a full month's notice from the month that they wish to switch groups
Refunds/Missed Workouts
There are no refunds for missed workouts at any point in the season.  This includes holidays, vacation, pool closures, etc...
This includes the last month of programming for swimmers who end in June or July.
Withdrawing From Program

Current Members

Email [email protected] with at least 1 month's full notice from the 1st of the month you wish to withdraw your membership
Example, with withdraw for April 1st, notice must be given before March 1st
The Volunteer Assessment is prorated and assessed to length of time in program
If you paid your fees annually, fees are prorated to length of time in program based on monthly rate (ie no discount)
No withdrawals after April 1st
New Members Only
First Week - refund of registration fees
First Month - no refund of registration and 1st month of fees, no other charges
After First Month - considered current member
Medical Refunds
  • If due to a medical reason, you are unable to participate for longer than two weeks, at the clubs discretion, the club may issue you a medical credit for the time out of the water, or a medical withdrawal. once again at the clubs discretion from the program without the notice period.
  • A doctor's note must be provided to receive the medical credit within 72hrs
    • If the doctor's note provided does not list diagnosis or length of time out of water, to ensure the safey of the swimmer, SKSC will require a doctor's note indicating athlete is medically fit to resume participation before they will be allowed to return to workout.
  • If upon withdrawal from our program, your swimmer transfers to another program within 1st month of the last month of participation, club reserves the right to envoke the regular withdrawal policy and a transfer will not be approved until medical leave training fees are repaid in full.