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For more information on Bingos - please contact our Bingo Coordinator Ricardo Diaz at [email protected]

Working a Bingo

Bingos are run out of Clubwest Bingo, #20 - 15 Worobetz Place.

As a volunteer worker, you are an important representative of our club.  Please be respectable, helpful and engaged at all times.  Bingos are a significant portion of our fundraising revenue and we need to maintain a strong relationship.

Knowledge of the Game

If this is your first bingo please show up a bit early to familiarize yourself with the games.  Recognize the difference between Pack and Combo Pack Books.  

There are specials associated with each program.  Please take the time to become knowledgeable.

Understand the games enough to answer questions.  If you are unsure check with the coordinator or manager.

Know that a standard start is any 4 corners or any straight line.  Always refer to game board for confirmation.

Rules and Guidelines from Bingo Hall

  •  The Manager is in charge.
  •  There is NO sitting with the customers while bingo is being called
  •  Please NO cell phones on the floor.
  •  Breaks one person at a time.
  •  Garbages are only to be done when Bingo is Finished.
  •  Runners should not be huddled together.  Please spread out.
  •  Please make sure your runners are not up at the callers stand.
  •  Please be neat in appearance, ready to work and represent the Lasers!
  •  Make sure runners are not at the canteen talking with concession staff.
  •  NO playing bingo if you have gone in the back to count paper that session, you cannot play that session.  So if you are here to play bingo count your paper after you’ve played.
  •  You cannot sell paper to family or get the bingo if a family member wins.
  •  Please no runners out at intermission breaks, please go out before or after the intermission.