Coaches and Directors

Coaches and Directors
Coaching Staff
Eric Kramer Head Coach


Eric Kramer brings 41 years of coaching experience to the Saskatoon Lasers. He works with athletes from learn to swim to competitive swimmers as well as experience with Olympians and Paralympian athletes.
He has brought 2 athletes to both the Olympic and Paralympic level.   Eric was inducted into the Quebec Swimming Hall of Fame in 2019. He has been named female para Swim Coach of the year by Swim Canada and has been named to Team Canada as a Coach for the 2020 (now 2021 Paralympics). He also has many Senior National champions, Age Group Champions and a multitude of Provincial Champions in Québec, Ontario, Alberta, and Saskatchewan.  The Lasers inclusive swim program fosters the needs of the varying dynamics of our community!
Eric’s philosophy is Quality over Quantity!  He is driven by technique and is a specialist in all four strokes.  His confidence in technique training allows him to offer each swimmer a personalized coach/swimmer relationship.  
Eric has built the Lasers Learn to swim program into the sought after program it is today.  It is an innovative program that not only teaches kids to swim but also gives them confidence in the water.  This allows for an easy transition to our competitive stream.
Eric Kramer brings 41 years of coaching experience to the Saskatoon Lasers. He works with athletes from learn to swim to competitive swimmers as well as experience with Olympians and Paralympian athletes.
Eric is also credited with Canada’s biggest PARA learn to swim program.  His small group and one on one approach puts both swimmer and parents at ease. 
Eric is extremely passionate about the sport of swimming.  He loves the ability to make “every” swimmer the very  best version of themselves - Both in and out of the water.   He trains athletes, and mentors coaches for the “olympics of life.”  “I have the expertise to get athletes to the Canadian National teams both able body and PARA athlete”. Or “if you want your child to learn strong work ethics and steps to being a better swimmer - we have a place for you!!!”
Ryan Jones Assistant Coach

Ryan began his coaching career in Toronto by volunteering for the Variety Village Flames Swim Team, which needed assistance with their para prgram.  He progressed from volunteer to grassroots coach to assistant coach to head coach.  During this time, he established a one to one para program where he worked with athletes individually until they were ready to join the competitive team.  Ryan is the coach of Aly Van Wyck-Smart, who won a Silver and Bronze Para Swimming Championships.  He also coached at the 2019 Lima Parapan Americian games.  During the 2019-2020 swim season, he also served as the coach for the Ontario Para Swim Academy where he supported the growth and development of athletes across the province.

One of Ryan's passions as a coach is problem-solving: he loves analyzing a stroke and coming up with creative ways to improve it.  Ryan's adaptability and open-mindedness are two of his greatest strengths as a coach.  His wonderful journey with the Flames has led him to Saskatoon and he is excited to start the next chapter by creating a one to one program here as well that will help even more athletes progress to the competitive level.

Brooklyn LePoudre
Brooklyn has been swimming her whole life and started competing at age 10. She has been a member of the Saskatoon Lasers since 2016. Brooklyn has always been passionate about the sport of swimming and even though an injury took her out of training and competition, she has used this adversity to give back to the sport as a coach and mentor. Brooklyn was able to fulfill many of her dreams in the sport of swimming, including travelling and competing in Toronto, Palm Springs, Montreal, and Winnipeg. She loves inspiring young swimmers to find their potential and achieve their goals despite setbacks and adversity.
Brooklyn completed high school in June of 2021 and plans to pursue University next fall and is thinking of pursuing a career in social work.  
Board of Directors
Tricia Weiland President
Ryan Spiller Vice President
Jayson Peace Treasurer
Sheryl Harlton Administrator
Dina Rathgaber Secretary
Kathy-Jo Newkirk PARA Liaison
Warren Helgason Officials Coordinator