Our Approach

About Swim Ottawa

Swim Ottawa is a non-profit organization formed to promote both pre-competitive and competitive swimming for all Ottawa residents and eligible non-resident participants. Swim Ottawa has two streams. The pre-competitive stream, our Minnows, Guppies and Whales, practice at the Soloway JCC pool and Whales have 1 practice at Brewer pool. The Competitive program includes the Lead Group, Age Group 1 & 2, Junior 1 & 2 and Development groups. The competitive stream practices at Brewer and Plant pools.

It is the goal of Swim Ottawa to:

  1. Provide safe, healthful exercise and an opportunity to practice social skills in a positive environment for all participants.
  2. Help each swimmer realize their potential as an aquatic athlete through instruction in stroke technique, starts, turns and endurance given by qualified coaches.
  3. Develop the qualities of good sportsmanship, self-discipline, and endurance.
  4. Provide a way for families to volunteer and contribute in the Swim Ottawa tradition.

If you would like to inquire more about our program, contact us swott.info@gmail.com. We will be happy to answer any questions and provide more information about our club.

In the past, we've been asked: "what's the difference between Swim Ottawa and the other clubs in the area?". Our response would be:

Swim Ottawa takes a holistic approach to developing its swimmers. Every member has equal chance to develop whether it be at a pre-comp skills level, age group, or at a National or Olympic Trials level. In return, we ask for commitment from each of our members such as competitive swimmers and their parents working as a team to successfully run events including swim meets,  and local fundraisers (e.g., Bring on the Bay 3K swim, Willy Lee November Masters meet). We do not enforce mandatory team fundraisers designed to generate club revenue (Swim-a-thon, Loblaws cards, bottle drives) or mandatory volunteer point systems as we expect our families to help out on their own volition where required.

We are fortunate to be a mid-size club that is small enough to provide individual attention regardless of skill but also large enough to be able to participate at the elite levels offered by the sport. Our coaching staff is one of the best in terms working with other clubs in an engaging manner.

These are the reasons why Swim Ottawa is a successful swim club today.