New Head Coach Announcement

Lori Melien

It is our great pleasure to welcome Pierre Lafontaine to the Swim Ottawa family as our new Head Coach.

Pierre is recognized as one of Canada's best known swim coaches who has contributed to every aspect of the advancement and success of the sport in Canada and to positioning Canada as a leading swimming nation.  His career spans two continents, having held Head Coach and Assistant Coach positions across Canada, in the United States and in Australia, and having coached swimmers at club, varsity and Olympic levels.

He exudes passion for sport and excellence in coaching, and is widely known for his creativity and energy on deck.  We can look forward to a very dynamic coaching environment for all our swimmers, at all levels, under Pierre's leadership.  He brings new training and development ideas in and out of the water, as well as support to our senior athletes in pursuing varsity swimming careers. 

While our club, like so much of the world around us, is experiencing change and transition, we feel very fortunate that timing and circumstance have conspired to bring Pierre to Swim Ottawa at this time.  He is joining an organization that I know we all feel is quite special founded on Tom and Marie Anzai’s vision and values, and adding his considerable talents and experience to build the next level of club growth.