Interested in becoming a board member?

The Thunder Bay Thunderbolts Swim Club (TBT) is administered and controlled by a volunteer Board of Directors. All Board members are elected at the TBT Annual General Meeting. All Board members are voting members. Each elect holds their position on the Board for a one-year term (May/June to May/June). Each Director shall have the following qualifications:

  • Be at least 18 years of age;
  • Be mentally competent;
  • Not be an un-discharged bankrupt;
  • Be a member of good standing with TBT;
  • Not hold a paid position with TBT;
  • Be a person interested in furthering the goals of TBT; 
  • Be a resident of Ontario, Canada; and
  • Attend Board of Directors meetings on a regular and consistent basis.

Legal background on a director's duty: 

  • Directors have a duty to be diligent, meaning the duty to act reasonably, prudently, in good faith, and with the best interests of the organization in mind.
  • Directors have a duty to be loyal, meaning the duty to not use the position of director to further private interests.
  • Directors have a duty to be obedient, meaning the duty to act within the laws and rules that govern the organization.
  • Directors are required to put the interests of the organization first. These interests will always take precedence over any other interests, include a director's personal interest.

Responsibilities of all Thunderbolts Directors: 

  • All Directors, appointed at the AGM shall preside at all meetings of the Board of Directors.
  • All Directors will hold voting positions and will be asked during a Board meeting to exercise their voting privileges.
  • Select members of the Board of Directors, when required, may be asked to join a special committee,
  • May be required to oversee various fundraising events and sporting event and may be asked to actively participate in the operation of such events.
  • Will be responsible from time to time to perform various other functions the TBT as requested by the President, Vice President, or Head Coach,
  • Required to promote the financial well being of the TBT by offering advice for various fundraising initiatives and participating in, or overseeing these initiatives when necessary.
  • Required to promote the reputation of the TBT as being a reputable sporting club, providing opportunities to all athletes who aspire to learn the sport of amateur swimming.
  • The Directors, may promote the TBT by introducing themselves to new TBT members and offer assistance with any general questions about the operation of TBT.