Board of Directors

2022-2023 Season


President  - Michelle Luu
Vice President -Janice Hunt 
Treasurer - JJ Hupka  
Secretary - Sue Marion
At Large - Anthony Bergamo
At Large - Becky Bourgeois  
At Large  -  Sandi Martino
At Large -  Tyler Manning 


Formal Letter to the Board of Directors

The Board of Directors, along with Head Coach and Director of Swimming, is responsible for the operation of the Thunderbolts Swim Club. Additionally, each Board member is responsible for a portfolio to manage. The Board consists of 8 members elected for a one-year term at the Annual General Meeting. Please feel free to contact the Board of Directors for further information regarding any aspect of the Club’s administration, at [email protected].

The membership of the Thunderbolts Swim Club is invited to submit a formal letter to the board of directors with any concerns, comments, special requests or any other reasons. The letters can be submitted to any board member or to the clubs email address [email protected] The board of directors will review the letter and provide a written response if necessary.


Board Meetings

The membership of the Thunderbolts Swim Club is invited to attend any Board meeting. Members are not permitted to speak at the board meeting unless prior approval has been granted by the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors reserves the right to excuse members for "in camera" discussions. Contact the Club's email address [email protected].


2022/2022 Thunderbolts Strategic Plan - Board Level

What Would You Like To See As A Goal/Objective?

How Will We Achieve That Goal?

Regional Leader

Ensuring that the Thunderbolts act as a regional leader by hosting and supporting regional meets, training for officials, and collaborating to provide training opportunities for all athletes in the region.

Financial Stability

Ensuring prudent financial management by maintaining a stable income stream from program fees, bingo’s, sponsorships, grants, and fundraisers to adequately meet program requirements and capital budgeting needs.

Volunteers and Officials

Engage more volunteers by providing training and mentoring opportunities for officials, and ensuring parents understand that our club and our events cannot function without their support.

Coaching and Board Stability

Supporting coaches, staff, and board members to stay with our club for several years to ensure long term stability, while engaging in succession planning activities with newer/younger members.

Anti-Bullying/Harassment Plan

Implement an in-depth plan for athletes, parents, coaches, and staff with detailed repercussions to ensure a harassment-free, bully-free, safe place for all.

Formal Goals/Feedback Process

Maximize the potential of athletes and coaches by establishing a formal goal setting and feedback process.

Mental Well-being and Inclusivity

Ensuring an environment that supports inclusivity and the mental well-being for all coaches, staff, and athletes.