Thunder Bay Thunderbolts SWIM-A-THON 2023


This is a long distance event for all our Thunderbolts athletes that brings in additional needed funds for our club. This event is a lot of

fun for all our athletes and they get to enjoy a team potluck breakfast upon completion of their swim!


Date: March 2023


Competitive Swimmers: Mandatory

Pre-Competitive Swimmers: We encourage and appreciate your participation


Requirements: Competitive swimmers are required to fundraise a minimum amount of money according to their group

(High Performance = $275, Senior = $250, Next Generation = $200, Wave 2 = $175, Wave 1 = $150).

Families with multiple swimmers need only raise the amount for the top swimmer.


Deadline: Funds must be raised online prior to the start of the swim-a-thon in March 2023 (more information to follow)


Please show your support, help us provide the best resources, coaching, and programs that we can by helping to raise these valuable dollars that will support our swimming program. 


Thunderbolts.  Eat. Sleep. Wake Up. Be Awesome!