Swim-a-thon 2021 details announced when we know more


Welcome Thunderbolts Families to Swim-A-Thon 2021

On behalf of the board and coaching staff, we are excited to announce our SwimA-Thon campaign for this year. All Swim Clubs across Canada are directed by Swim Canada to host this fundraising event. 

The annual Swim-A-Thon is one of our top fundraisers. This event is a chance for our swimmers to have fun in the pool while contributing to the club. Swimmers of all levels are being invited to participate this year. Participation in our Swim-AThon is mandatory for all competitive swimmers, but we are also inviting our precompetitive swimmers, Lightning and Sparks, to join in the fun!!

For those of you who have participated in the past we are going to continue to accept online donations only. In an effort to reduce collecting cash, counting donations, and administration time, we have joined with an online partner (RaiseAThon) to again provide an online tool that will make raising funds easier for our swimmers. Please note that if you have friends who are not able to go online to donate, you will have to enter their donation under your name.

We will now be able to reach out to family, colleagues, friends, and utilize the tools of social networks (Facebook, Instagram, etc) in Canada and throughout the world to increase our “Swim-A-Thon” dollars raised. If you have ever participated in a national charity event you will know that raising funds is easier through tools like RaiseAThon.

Please note for this year: During a Canadian Revenue Agency Audit, prior to the introduction of the Online System (RaiseAThon) partnership, Swimming Canada was penalized for Non-Compliance in issuing receipts. As a result, no tax receipts will be issued to anyone donating in the 2020 SwimA-Thon across Canada. 

The DEETS Our 2020 Swim-A-Thon will involve all swimmers and it will be held on Saturday, March 28th at the Canada Games Complex. The event begins with the competitive swimmers arriving to the pool at 5:45 am. Coaches will provide athletes with specifics and exact swim start time per group as the Swim-a-thon approaches. Each swimmer will need a parent to count their laps – we want to know just how far the Thunderbolts can swim! After the event, all swimmers, coaches, and parents are welcome to enjoy a healthy team breakfast. Last year the club raised just under $15,000. The money was used for a variety of Bolts initiatives and club expenses. This year we have again set the fundraising goal to $15,000! 

For our pre-competitive swimmers (Sparks and Lightning) your coaches will use one of your regularly scheduled practices as a special swim-a-thon event. 

This year, for EVERY $25.00 raised, each athlete will receive a ballot to enter our fantastic draws. We will have draws for gift certificates at merchants of your choice with values of $100, $75 and $50.

Families, with your help, we know we can achieve our goal. Parents, please go online as soon as possible and assist your athlete with the registration. Please note that this year the family affidavit is part of the online swimmer registration. Your athlete has eight weeks to raise their funds.

Please go to our club link at www.ontarioswimathon.ca/tbt and register your athlete then start spreading the word to family, friends, business colleagues, social contacts, and those that support the sport of swimming in our community, province, and Canada. The link will also be posted on our Thunderbolts website for you to click directly to our swim-a-thon team site. The swim-a-thon site has a fundraising indicator to show us how close to our goal we are. The top fundraisers will also be listed.

Your Swim-A-Thon fundraising expectation depends upon your athlete’s group. The minimum values to be raised by each family are: 

National - $275.00

Provincial - $250.00

Senior Development - $225.00

Junior Development - $200.00

Prospects - $175.00

Intro - $150.00 

* NOTE * IMPORTANT – For families with multiple swimmers you are being asked to fundraise to the level of your highest swim group. ie. If you have three children, a National, a Prospect and a Spark – As a family you are fundraising to the $275.00 level (although more is always appreciated). In these cases, it is simplest for donors if you create one registration for all children, but not mandatory.

Please show your support, help us provide the best resources, coaching, and programs that we can by helping to raise these valuable dollars that will support our swimming program. 

Any trouble shooting please refer to the FAQ on your handout. If you have any questions, please contact your Swim-A-Thon coordinator: Zelka Black ([email protected]).

Otherwise please contact RaiseAThon at [email protected] if you have any technical problems.

Thunderbolts.  Eat. Sleep. Wake Up. Be Awesome!