Trent Swim Club is a not-for-profit providing:

Swimming lessons for kids 6 & up (Swim School), Masters swimming for adults 18 & up, 

Competitive program (pre-competitive to elite)



2020-2021 Swim School

Swim School Coordinator: Kent Crockower 

The Trent Torpedoes swim school strives to teach proper stroke skills and to increase fitness and endurance for young swimmers. The Swim School is divided into two tiers: Bronze and Silver. Lessons take place at Trent University and the Balsillie Family YMCA. All lessons focus on in-water training with a qualified instructor.

Bronze (45 minutes, once per week): Focus is on the foundations of basic Freestyle and Backstroke including confidence and comfort in the water, breathing efficiency, body position and kick technique, with an introduction to Breaststroke. Prerequisites: Minimum 6 years of age. Swim Kids Level 6 or equivalent swim lesson experience. Ability to swim 25 meters unassisted with general confidence and comfort in the water. Swimmers should be admitted into Bronze after an assessment with the Swim School Coordinator.

Silver (45 minutes, twice per week): Freestyle and Backstroke technique is advanced and refined, while Breaststroke is further developed, and Butterfly is introduced. Other aspects of competitive swimming such as starts and turns are also taught. Prerequisites: swimmers are recommended to have completed Bronze classes and been graduated into the Silver program. Swimmers can be admitted into Silver after a swim assessment by the Swim School Coordinator

We encourage you to register your child based on the prerequisites indicated above with the understanding that our coaching staff may suggest changes based on the new swimmer assessments.

New swimmers Assessments          

Assessments will require approximately 5-10 minutes in water evaluation. Join us TBD between TBD!  It can also be arranged by contacting the Swim School Coordinator ( 

Swim School Session Dates (10 weeks each)

Fall Session: TBD

Winter Session: TBD

Spring Session: TBD

**There is currently no Summer Session for Swim School**

Practice Schedule 

Bronze (choose one)                                         Silver (choose two)

To be determined ................................................To be determined ............................................


$60.00         Yearly one time charge for Swim Ontario and Swimming Canada affiliation (required for all  non-competitive swimmers)

$TBD       (TBD for 2020-2021)Bronze sessional fee (one lesson per week)

$TBD       (TBD for 2020-2021)Silver sessional fee (two lessons per week)

Cancellations and/or changes

•    Swim School reserves the right to change the schedule to accommodate numbers at each level. Notice will be given the first week of class.

•    If necessary, a full refund may be offered if registration is cancelled within the first week of the session.

•    Cancellations between the 2nd and 6th weeks will be credited on a prorated basis.**

•    Cancellations in the 7th week or later are non-refundable.

•    Make-up classes due to absence may be granted at the discretion of the Swim School Coordinator (not possible during Covid-19 protocols)

•    Swimmers in Bronze/Silver who move to AG1 (competitive) must add $115 for Swim Ontario and Swim Canada affiliation fees.

**Affiliations fees are non-reimbursable after the first week of the session.**