Orca 2020-21 Swim Season

Open for Returning Members

8/11/20 - 1/31/21

Open for New Members

9/14/20 - 1/31/21

10 Members

Welcome back to Orca swimming!!

It will be a different year with a different schedule, but our goal at Orca is to offer safe and quality instruction for all levels of swimmers.

This means that we will all need to make some adjustments beginning with the "Return to Swimming Safety Plan". 

You can read it in its entirety online at www.orcaswimclub.net


**RETURNING SWIMMERS: Registration Deadline August 31st, 2020**

With the new Covid-19 Safety Protocols, we will have to limit the size of groups so space is limited.

We will hold spots for all former Orca swimmers up to August 31st, before evaluating new potential registrants.

***Depending on number of registrants Orca may need to alter the schedule. ***


****We are starting the season with a 4 month initial phase and re-evaluating for the January-May portion of the season.****


New Groups and New Times (Group Descriptions and Requirements explained in further detail in online registration).

Development 2 & 3 Mon/Wed 4:30-5:15 Sept 21st-Dec 18th  (18 spots)

Development 2 & 3 Tues/Thur 4:30-5:15 Sept 21-Dec 18th  (18 spots)

Development 4 Tues/Thur 3:30-4:30 Sept 14th-Dec 18th   (9 spots)

Regional 1 Mon/Wed/Fri 3:30-4:30 Sept 14th-Dec 18th (9 spots)

Age Groups 3xweek/4xweek/5xweek Mon-Fri 5:15-6:30 + Sat 9:00-10:30am Sept 8th-Dec18th (24 total spots)


Returning Swimmers will receive an email with suggested group to register.


*****NEW SWIMMERS: DO NOT register on this site until you have been evaluated by a coach.*****


After being assesed, new swimmers must register on this site before starting swim practices.