Thirty swimmers race to success at ManSask Championships

Lauren Wilson
Dec 18, 2018

Thirty Dinos competed at the ManSask Championships this past weekend. The weekend started off great and ended even better with many Dinos on team travel for the first time ever.

Upon arrival in Saskatoon, the swimmers were tasked with shopping for their own on-deck snacks for the weekend. With the assistance of the coaches, the swimmers made very good decisions (for the most part) when it came to fueling their bodies for the weekend ahead. 

With the hotel being within walking distance of the pool and the sessions being relatively short, it gave the athletes a terrific opportunity for lots of rest in between sessions. The Dinos ended the weekend with two new swimmers fully qualifying themselves for the AB Spring Championships - congratulations to Sophie Maclean who punched her ticket to Champs with 4 individual races (50Fr, 100Bk, 50Bk and 200Bk) as well as Sam Pauch-Nolin who achieved Champs times in 50, 100 and 200Fly. 

We also had the following swimmers achieve their first ever AB Champs time of the season. These accomplishments have motivated these swimmers to train as hard as they can come the New Year in order to race their way to their second one. Congratulations to:

Claire Bennett - 200Br

Gibson Black - 100Bk

Logan Lloyd - 200Br

Grace Majer - 50Fly

Abdel Yasser - 200Fly

Katarina Piti also raced her way to her first AB Provincial time of the year in 100Br!

Another huge highlight of the weekend was Kamryn Leslie racing her way to club records in the Girls 14 year 50Bk, 100Bk and 200Bk. Way to go Kamryn!

As with all team travel meets, it was a great opportunity to get to know and support other swimmers on the team. At the beginning of the weekend, athletes chose a name out of a hat and were tasked with being their 'Secret Santa' for the weekend. This activity resulted in a TON of team spirit as well as every Dino being supported during their races throughout the weekend.

The coaches also nominated a swimmer per day based on different criteria. This was a way to highlight certain accomplishments throughout the weekend that may have otherwise gone un-noticed.

THURSDAY - TEAM SPIRIT - Meghan Abel stayed until the very last 1500Fr (last heat of the evening) waving swimmers on from the deck.

FRIDAY - LEADERSHIP - Katarina Piti (who had two finals that evening) managed to lead a TREX cheer for almost every swimmer in Finals.

SATURDAY - MOVE OF THE DAY - Doris Xu moved up thirteen spots in the 100Free and raced her way to a best time.

SUNDAY - RACING - Jeremy Ro raced 1300 meters total (400IM, 200FR, 50FLY - all twice) and managed to improve on all of his races from Prelims to Finals

Sunday night ended with UCSC partnering with NCSA (Nose Creek Swimming Association) to build a TEAM AB relay to compete against both Saskatchewan and Manitoba. The energy was unreal and the swimmers had a great time racing with the support of both teams behind them. Congratulations on all of the accomplishments of the swimmers that attended ManSask. Happy Holidays!