Great success at Alberta Provincials for Dinos team

Lauren Wilson
Mar 5, 2019

AB Provincials encourages swimmers to reach their potential and achieve their next goal time or standard. Whether the swimmer is new to Provincials, or a seasoned vet, many aimed for excellence, showing a deep respect and dedication to the sport. Many swimmers were on the cusp of qualifying for AB Championships, going into the meet with high hopes and finishing with better results. Regardless of what the level/goal was, all of the Dinos showed up ready to race and leave everything in the pool. 

Day 1: Sprints, 400s and relays. The Dinos showed up for the first session focused and determined - many making final swims and finding podium spots in their relays. Team spirit filled the deck with lots of yellow shirts cheering on their team mates. Girls 12&U 200m Free Relay (Karyssa Summers, Karah Petersen, Michelle Michael-Ailuelohia, and Grace MacDonald) stole first place by 0.09. Girls 14&U 200m Free Relay (Maya Besseling, Delaney Janzen, Claire Bennett, and Layne Chand’oiseau) snagged first crushing the competition. Girls Open 200m Free Relay (Grace Majer, Naomi Clements, Chloe Bantle, and Isabel Ross) placed second. 

Day 2: Team spirit was accurately depicted in the final’s session during the second night. Ready to flex their muscles and race, the Dinos found themselves on the podium multiple times. It was great to see everyone working as a team to create a positive atmosphere and the highest possible racing potential. The Girls 12&U 200m Medley Relay (Karyssa Summers, Michelle Michael-Ailuelohia, Alexandra Adamova, and Karah Petersen) took 3rd. Girls 14&U 200m Medley Relay (Amber Guo, Claire Bennett, Natalia Rusnakova, and Maya Besseling) grabbed 3rd. Girls Open 200m Medley Relay (Isabel Ross, Logan Lloyd, Grace Majer, and Naomi Clements) found second place. 

Day 3: Finishing off the meet strong, the Dinos once again did not fail to live up to their full potential. Ready to race and finish fast in finals the Dinos concluded the meet with a total of about 40 medals (relay and individual). As well, presenting an impressive FIFTEEN new AB Championships qualifiers.

Karyssa Summers

Andrew Fenning

Karah Petersen

Elaine Wang

Artur Shushkovski

Alexandra Adamova

Naomi Clements

Amber Guo

Delaney Janzen

Natalia Rusnakova

Grace Majer

Jeremy Ro

Claire Bennett

Maya Besseling

Gibson Black

Congratulations to all of those who attended and raced to their full potential and then some. GO DINOS!